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"Yeah," Keith nodded. "Though not knowing Psychic certainly never stopped Hermione," he added. "Pretty much all the pots and pans and whatnot are bigger than she is, so she often has to shoot a String Shot straight up at the ceiling, then reel it in to pull herself up to see how something's doing. And Cotton's always known Psychic since before I caught him, so he's been a big help to her as well. Not to mention, Hermione's a Weedle, meaning she's got an incredible sense of smell, always a good thing when cooking." He smiled as Chroma declared the food was almost ready. "Alright, well, one for me, one for Meowth, of course," Keith began.

"Mai Minun mai!" Anion interrupted, pointing at herself.

" for Anion, of course, as she knows damn well I was just about to say," Keith continued.

"One for Chuck," the Gengar piped up. "I may not need to eat, but that doesn't mean I can't, and it certainly doesn't mean I don't want to," he grinned. "And judging by what I'm smelling, I think I want to," he added.

"Believe me, I know," Keith chuckled. "Alright, and of course, I'm sure Dennis and Nagini would each appreciate a plate of their own, if that's alright."

Nagini gave a small, polite chuckle. "He knows very well that Pumpkasaur don't evolve," the Arbok responded. "He also knows very well that Pokémon don't necessarily need to evolve to reach their full potential."

"Nagini's got a point," nodded Dennis. "One of my teammates? An Ivysaur, doesn't want to evolve any further. And a big part of her battle style is disarming opponents with her cutesy appearance, and outmaneuvering them with her smaller size, so I'd say that works for her. And that's not even getting into Hermione and her son Albus. She's a Weedle. He's a Kakuna. Neither of them intend to evolve any further. And hey, don't you got some cool attack that no other kind of Pokémon can learn?" he added.

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