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Patches- Despite your ever growing glumness, you find yourself drawn to the eerie centerpiece of the city. The previous house of the Goldenridge Council, a towering building that loomed high above its surrounds was now left abandoned and in disrepair. The building seemed to give off a strange and concerning energy, you could feel it but not as strongly as Rika, the Espeon seemed to know better than to mess with such energy. Despite her wariness you burst through the doors of the council building, intent on finding a water source to sate your dry palate. If the outside looked worn than the inside could be considered ruined, the walls were stripped of paint, floorboards were cracked and the contents of the building were strewn all over the place. You head in through past the reception desk, scraps of paper are scattered everywhere. You find yourself drawn to the left, you walk through the already open door into a rather spacious room.

The room is open to the element, courtesy of a large stain glass window which has been shattered into a million pieces, the glass now lays spread out on the floor. A large tree has worked its way into the room, its thick roots have torn through the brick wall and dug through the floor. A large pool of crystal clear water has pooled around the roots, it looks good enough to drink. Rika makes her way carefully over to the pool of water, tip toeing through the shattered glass. She gives it a quick sniff and doesn't seem to pick up anything strange from the water, but in a place like this even her psychic senses could be manipulated.
After entering the building Patches looks all around, noticing how ruined this place is. As she makes her way deeper inside, she tries her best to be careful not to trip over the clutter that seemed to fill the floor everywhere. Once she reaches the reception desk and notices the papers that seem to just be thrown all over the place she decides to pause. “This place may need to be fixed up a bit but it looks like whoever lives here is just as organized as I am, so we have something in common already!” Normally this is a comment that would be said as a joke to lighten the mood but for Patches, this was just what she was actually thinking. She was feeling much better now and seemed to be pretty oblivious to the dreary atmosphere, to her this place was better than walking the streets and seeing hopelessness in everyone’s faces.

Rika was still very wary, she stayed close to Patches and was prepared to protect her if need be. “Let’s keep going Rika. We need to find someone that lives here so that we can ask them for water.” She takes a moment to think in order to decide which direction they should go in but she doesn’t think for long before she is suddenly overcome with an urge to enter a room to the left. Upon entering, she immediately notices the glass strewn across the floor everywhere as well as the large tree with pooling water around its roots. “Whoa. This tree must have been pretty thirsty too...” She says while she stands there trying to process what she’s seeing. Rika has also noticed the water and she is so thirsty that the first thing she thinks to do is investigate it. Patches watches with worry as Rika carefully makes her way over to the water while avoiding the shattered glass on the floor. After sniffing the water and deciding that it’s safe, she looks at Patches and lifts a paw, waving it through the air in an attempt to tell her to come over. “You go ahead Rika. I’m going to find a broom first because all of this glass is very dangerous and someone could hurt themselves.” As Patches begins to search the room for a broom, Rika does her best to keep an eye on her as she goes ahead and takes a drink from the water in order to quench her thirst.

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