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Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
Today's forecast is in!

Missingno Master: Your Sunny Capsule opens to reveal... A set of Musical Seals! Your Rainy Capsule opens to reveal... A Lax Incense! Your Chilly Capsule opens to reveal... Two Net Balls! Your Dusty Capsule opens to reveal... A bag of marbles! They seem to mimic the patterns of Psychic-type Pokemon!

Thanks for playing!
Castform's Forecast Shop. An exciting new place, where Trainers could wager their hard-earned Pokédollars on the possibility of gaining cool new items. Keith was among the first crowd of excitable Trainers who bought some Capsules in the hopes of getting cool items.

"Alright..." Keith grinned. The Sunny Capsule was opened up, revealing four small sticker-like objects. Seals, Keith knew- and if he still had any Ball Capsules, he might consider using them. After that came the Chilly Capsule, which contained a pair of Net Balls, which Keith put safely away in his backpack, after stowing the Seals away in his long-unused Seal Case. The Rainy Capsule proved a bit tough to open, so Keith moved on to the Dusty Capsule, giving him-

"-a bag o' marbles," Meowth said flatly. "Ya paid good money fer a bag o' marbles."

"Hey, they could come in handy," Keith argued, already stowing the bag away in his backpack. "And- ooh," he murmured, struck by a scent starting to emit from the Rainy Capsule as the employee started to get it open. "I think I know what's in there," he grinned. And sure enough, the capsule was opened up fully, revealing a golden container that brought a nostalgic look to Keith's face as he contently inhaled the aroma. "Ahhh," he sighed. "I haven't smelled this in years, Meowth."

"Wat is it?" Meowth wondered out loud.

"That, Meowth, is Lax Incense," grinned Keith. "Grandma Masters's house smells like this all the time. I always loved going over there- she's got, like, over a dozen Wobbuffet, and she's always giving away Wynaut Eggs to passing Trainers. She even offered me a Wynaut when I was still debating what I wanted as my starter, but back then, league regulations wouldn't have allowed starting with a Wynaut, or else I might have seriously considered it. But man, I always loved when she was the one to babysit me when I was little. Wobbuffet are seriously fun to play with." And he continued to reminisce in this vein as he stowed away the Lax Incense in his backpack and exited the new shop.

*Obtained the Music Seals!*

*Obtained the Lax Incense!*

*Obtained 2 Net Balls!*

*Obtained the Bag of Marbles!*
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