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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Brave Saix: On hearing your suggestion, the elderly woman considers you with narrowed eyes, her lips pursing at the same time to give the distinct impression that she truly was in some way gauging your worth or potential, her fingers drumming at the top of the small cane she used to aid her walking. Finally, she clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, a sound which seemed to be caught somewhere between approval and distaste. A heavy sigh comes shortly after, and she waves you closer, beckoning for you to bend and bring your eyes nearer her own level.

"Normally, child, I would disdain the aid of outsiders. Our people are proud, and while we do happily accept assistance for simpler tasks, when our own become threatened we typically like to keep the matter internal. However ... given the circumstances of this particular case, your help may well be required - no, necessary even. Come with me, and I will provide you a map divulging the location of the cave system this vagrant has escaped to."

With that, the elder turns, allowing you to follow her into the village. Matthew seems dumbfounded by this, clearly having never found himself in such a position before. The man seems rather timid compared to his typical outgoing personality you had witnessed, and as you duck into the small tent which housed the elder, Matthew coughs loudly.

"You .. you wouldn't mind if I stayed in the village while you resolve this situation, would you? I know I am meant to be a guide and all, but ... well, I'm not good with violence of battling. I only have one Pokemon, and she helps me with on site preparation, never battled a day in her life."
As we enter the tent, I turn to Matthew as he coughs.

Originally Posted by Sypher(internal)
He really looks scared. I'd hate to freak him out, but I'll need someone to go with me incase things go south.
Originally Posted by Sypher
Matt. I get where you are coming from, but I need you to come with me. I've gone though something like this before. I went in by myself and thing didn't go well. I wouldn't want anything else to happen to Jill or to Julian because of me....
I grit my teeth thinking back to Bedlam Ridge.

Originally Posted by Sypher
Look the point is you'll never grow if you stay and hide here. You'll never gain much ground with the village if they think you are helpful. And worse, what if you have to battle someday? What if your life depends one it or worse your Pokémon's?
I turn to face the elder.

Originally Posted by Sypher
You probably don't care but him going is for his own good. Isn't that right ma'am?
I turn back to Matthew.

Originally Posted by Sypher
You can even hang back at the mouth of the cave. No fighting if you want. Instead you could keep an ear open for trouble. Not that they will, but if things go wrong, you come back here for help.
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