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All things considered, you are still absolutely determined to make your way inside the factory – even if it makes taking an unsafe route to get there. To that effect, you reason that the best approach is to take a gamble and go around the building, hoping that the back wall would be breachable.

You step out of cover and carefully make your way towards the white wall, clinging to it as sneakily as you can to avoid drawing the criminal’s attention. After all, that’s about all you can do as far as self-preservation goes, since the scarcity of other cover locations makes it almost impossible to move around undetected. Fortunately, Gatt and his men seem to be doing a damn fine job at drawing attention to themselves, even if inadvertently, and you make your way around the building’s outskirts unopposed.

Once you turn the corner, you realize the back wall is pretty much the same as the side one – white, full of windows – all of them shut, none of them reachable… No, one of them is actually half-open! There might, therefore, be hope if you’re feeling adventurous: a number of cracked, moldy looking crates are lined up against this wall, and could provide sufficient height if piled up – provided they are still sturdy enough to withstand a human’s weight, which is a big “if”. Also nearby is a small yellow fork lift truck, which could be an alternative if anyone can figure out how it works. All in all, there are options to reach those windows, but which one will you choose, if any? And what will await you inside if you make it?...

Athena breathed a sigh of relief as she spotted the open window. She made her way over to it, trying to peer inside by standing on tiptoe. She wasn’t able to climb through from the ground, but this was definitely her best chance at getting inside the building.

She took a look over the nearby crates, and they did look moveable. First, she thought to check if she would be able to move them at all, and grabbed a fairly good size crate.

“Eugh…” Athena recoiled when her hand touched a patch of mold growing on the boxes. They were at a cannery, but did everything really have to smell like fish? She dusted off her hands, and took a look around at any other possible options. The bright yellow forklift caught her eye, a tool placed for the convenience of moving the crates of the cannery around. Athena hesitated to approach the vehicle. She could barely ride a bike, could she really control this thing? Not to mention the noise it might make if she accidentally rammed it into something.

“Maw” Éclair called in a loud whisper. Athena drew her attention to her Mawile, who had begun climbing up one of the crates. Realizing her Pokemon’s intention, Athena nodded in agreement.

“Good idea ‘Clair” She murmured. Éclair was much lighter than her, and these old crates could probably hold her weight. “Help me move a couple crates, and then you make your way inside, ok? Maybe you can find some way to let me in…” Athena bit her lip in worry, hoping her plan would work. She didn’t want to separate herself from Éclair for too long. In fact, if she didn’t hear from her after too long, she might just try to climb the crates herself and go after her.

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