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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Bathrooms (Lilblue, Jeri) – Though Jess may not fully understand the motivations of the gluttonous gumshoe, there was no denying that something big was going on – some secret scandal on the brink of being exposed - and Detective Gumpy was most assuredly on the case! The esteemed Pokemon investigator decides to begin his search in the lobby bathrooms, which are unisex and designed to accommodate Pokemon of all shapes and sizes. There are ten mirrors of varying heights and sizes, with sinks to match, opposite ten stalls with various Pokemon accommodations – only two humanshape/human stalls, though. None are occupied at the moment. There are no security cameras or guards in sight, though on first glance, there appears to be nothing of interest in this space. After Detective Gumpy is able to utilize the facilities to clear his head – and whatever else needed to be cleared – his razor-sharp detective's eye scans the area until his gaze is caught by the bathroom trash receptacle, which is rather empty save for a torn up piece of paper. It would take time to empty the garbage and assemble the note, but there seems to be no surveillance in the bathroom for now.

Jeri and Koi arrive some moments after Gumpy makes his discovery– Koi gives a furtive glance around before inspecting his find. With a flourish, he tries on the star-embroidered Silk Scarf in the mirror: stylish though he may look, it might be best to hide those stolen goods before someone figures out what Koi's been up to...

Jess waited patiently for Gumpy to finish utilizing the facilities, taking the opportunity to wash up in the meanwhile. (Wincing as she listened to the sounds coming from from behind the stall as she tried not to imagine what must be going on in there.)

When the Swalot emerged at last, he shuffled over to the sink to swab himself as well and readjust his moustache in the mirror. However, rather than rejoin his trainer right away, his razor-sharp eyes spotted the trash receptacle, and immediately began rummaging through the bin (much to Jess's chagrin).

At that moment, a boy and his Kecleon came in, the latter stylishly sporting a star-spangled scarf as he tried it on in the glass, greatly admiring his reflection. Jess shrank in sheepishness, both at being in the presence of a human boy in the bathroom (even though the "privacy" was meant to be shared between people and Pokémon alike of all genders), and at her Swalot's shameful behavior.

The other pair seemed to pay them no mind however. In fact, the boy seemed just as embarrassed by the egregious display his partner was making, and hurriedly snatched the (stolen) stole away with an angry snap. Jess couldn't hear the hushed words exchanged, but the chameleon was clearly crestfallen, color draining from his body as he camouflaged himself almost completely, blending seamlessly into the background tiles (save for the stripe on his belly). Jess marveled silently at the transformation, watching the two (or rather one and a zigzag now) take their leave without actually using any of the available amenities. Jessica scratched her head as she did manage to catch the boy whisper "let's keep looking around" as he swiftly slipped away, slyly hiding a furtive expression for some reason. Again, that show of shiftiness sent baffled chills down her spine. What on earth were they looking for...?

On that note, Gumpy seemed to have made a discovery of his own, unearthing a mysterious shredded document at the bottom of the barrel. Jess sighed as she witnessed the large purple blob practically dunk his whole head into the wastebasket in an effort to retrieve the paper scraps and piece the puzzle together. Deciding she'd had enough of whatever weird game everyone besides her seemed to be playing, she determined to leave the detective to his own devices and check out the rest of the Casino.

To be honest, she was rather curious exactly where the Kecleon obtained such a lovely cravat. Even though she personally wasn't a fan of neckwear, she did have a penchant for starry patterns, so the muffler's markings definitely piqued her interest. Considering celestial symbols were reminiscent of the club's star mascot, perhaps it came from the gift shop? Seeing as she wasn't here to gamble for any big prizes, perhaps the store might be worth checking out for a small souvenir or two as consolation.

"I'm gonna head over to the gift shop," she announced to the plum-colored bum sticking out of the box, both bemused and amused by the image. "You can come find me when you're done. Try not to make too much of a mess, and remember to clean up after yourself."
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