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"Well, having a guiding hand can help a lot. Er, a helping stinger...?" The aspiring mystic took a second to contemplate how a weedle could feasably go about cooking, and ultimately decided that it probably involved a lot of silken thread. After seeing what the spider-like creature Ami brought home could do with the stuff, it really wouldn't have surprised her. She absentmindedly flipped the contents of the wok a couple times, catching everything back inside with precision. "I don't believe I know what swirlix is, actually. Guess I'm gonna have to find my dex when we're done eating, huh?"

Butternut's ear's perked up at the mention of his breed. 'Yer right, Miss Nagini! I see yer pretty smart, huh? But yeah, we're not exactly a dime a dozen..."

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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