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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
The Path to Wishes (Raves, Heather, Meetan, Sandaa, Kawaii) – Five among you choose to move straight ahead from the lobby, where the Path to Wishes awaits – or so it is called by the massive yellow neon sign overhead. At first, this “path” appears like a dead end – a short, dark blue corridor with no windows or doors, the ceiling and upper walls painted to look like the star-studded night sky. Tiny openings in the corridor open up every so often, with an animatronic Jirachi head peeping through at guests walking by... To delight or frighten children, depending on their views regarding uncanny valley facsimilies of Pokemon – and is this ever one of them! Eerily lifelike eyes in an incredibly fake, plastic body – in some cases, the creators were too lazy to bother even with that, and just have the head on a somewhat obvious metal stick. This peeping Pokemon appears to be triggered by motion, and seems downright suspicious, though it's hard to place exactly why. In times past, when Jirachi's Casino was only a single-floor building, this room would have been where the old Starter Slots and Roulette would be located. The tiny slot machines and old roulette wheel sit awkwardly at the “end” of the path, but the faded lights blinking on the faces of the slots are just enough to illuminate two signs. One, which reads “FAME”, points to the right. The other, which reads “FORTUNE”, points to the left. “FAME” has a little hamburger/soda icon on a sub-sign beneath it, indicating some sort of food available, and both paths also have a sub-sign for “RESTROOMS”... for those of us with simpler, more immediate desires.

The corridor has no security cameras, and is mostly featureless, save for a suspicious patch in the wall that looks like a door might have been painted over. The only guard, a Pupitar at the end of the hall, wiggles with intimidation at the sight of visitors, his hat two sizes too small. Feeling he has done his guarding job for the day, he goes back to staring longingly at the big roulette wheel, which he no longer has arms to spin... perhaps one day.

Kawaii attempts to pull the lever of one of the slot machines, but without coins, the machine is inoperable and the lever won't budge. It does seem like the coin slot was enlarged somewhat, as if to fit a larger denomination of coin than the typical Casino Coin.

We all must follow our own paths to achieve our heart's desire. Which paths will you take?
He paid little attention to the other four around him heading down the so-called 'Path of Wishes' though one or two faces he did recognise. Alex looked at the animatronic Jirachi with wonder and intrigue, completely feigned of course, while the Honchkrow stared at them with eyes like daggers, clearly realising these were more than just normal machines. Ever since the hype and excitement of that Six Evenings At Sid Viper's series of games, Fragarath knew there was plenty to hide behind those false smiles of a specific pokemon, be it hidden cameras or sensors. The very action of motion only held his convictions that the place was suspicious.

As the pair reached the end, they found a nostalgic sight: the old starter slots and roulette wheel, as well as two signs reading fame and fortune. This almost let Alex down: while the disappearance of most of his coins was likely worth bulldozing the place for, he was always prepared for such situations, and had on his person a small hidden pouch of roughly 500 casino coins from the old days, in varyng denominations. He saw also a single security guard: a Pupitar trying to be intimidating with little hops, with a tiny little hat on the head, and with a longing look at the roulette wheel.

While one 'visitor' toyed with the slot machine, another was more invested in those freaky facsimiles of Halley, yet the human and avian felt that perhaps to allow ease of investigation, a distraction would be required. Turning his head to Alex, the Honchkrow gave a silent croon, detailing what his thoughts were and plan of immediate action, in a fashion that would appear to onlookers that the pair were discussing what to play with first.

After a brief moment, Alex ventured towards the roulette wheel, giving a playful beckon to the Pupitar as he held a hand on it, as though calling him over for just a moment to have a spin on the machine with him. He would use some of the old coins he had, maybe 100 or so, to activate the machine hopefully, and would feign difficulty in operation in the hopes the guard would hop along and give him a little advice. While distracted, this would give whoever else was looking into things a moment unsupervised to make investigations. Meanwhile, the Honchkrow would flutter off Alex's shoulder and take to the roof height, making his way to the fortune path to scout out the scene, while keeping an eye on anything that would be of interest in terms of finding a backdoor entrance, or anything of some value. That hat on his head was for more than physical show.
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