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The Gengar nodded. "I like how you think," he said. "I mean, yeah, I think of it as being alive vs. being dead, but at the same time, I'm pretty good about making the most of my afterlife. My round 2's been going way better than round 1."

Keith chuckled as Chroma admitted she wasn't sure what sort of advice to give, considering any attempts on Meowth's part to practice cooking would likely not go over well with his teammates. "Well, in all fairness, Meowth's pretty good when he's working with Hermione and Cotton," he said. "It's just going solo he doesn't do well with. Oh, yeah, Hermione and Cotton- those two are the Pokémon in charge of all the cooking in my Secret Base. Cotton's my Swirlix, and Hermione's my Weedle."

The Pumpkasaur complained about this fire-breathing backwards-talking squid and his apparent hiding skills. He then introduced himself as Butternut, adding that his Trainer must have been hungry when she got him. "Sounds like it," Dennis agreed. "Never seen a Bulbasaur quite like you before, though," he added, sounding interested.

"I've seen a picture," Nagini spoke up. "You're what's called a Pumpkasaur, right?" she asked Butternut.

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