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"Heh, you got me!" She thought for a moment as she tried to figure out to word her next statement. "Is that how you see it? I don't know if I just have a twisted point of view due to not having kicked the bucket yet, but I'd say that you're still alive, just on round 2. You're not some listless spirit waiting around for a dusknoir to drag you back to the other side, after all." She had no idea what the stereotypes for stunfisk even were, so she decided not to comment on that matter.

She had no idea what a 'rave review' was exactly, or what Hermoine and Cotton were, but she found the exchange between Chuck and Meowth funny regardless. It was pretty difficult to suppress her chuckles and keep from spilling the bean sprouts everywhere but the wok. "Those are some harsh words, right there!" The scratch cat pokemon's immunity certainly didn't protect him from the gengar's review, as evident by his dejected silence. "I'm not sure what advice to give you, though, seeing as it doesn't seem like most of your team doesn't want you practicing..." She pondered for a moment as she finished adding the veggies and started the titular stirring part of the dish. "Well, at least I've got some positives so far..."

'Oh. That dang fiend has gotten all too good at hiding recently!'
The pumkasaur made a quick look around the area again. 'It's almost like he's gone camo or somethin'." He looked back at the visitors and nodded. 'Well then, Miss Nagini an' Mr. Dennis, my name's Butternut. It's oddly nermal amongst this crowd. I think the human was hungry when she got me or somethin' like that...'

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