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Chuck chuckled as Chroma managed to greet him, betraying little, if any, of her surprise at his laid-back attitude. "Lemme guess- you were expecting some mean-spirited prankster or something, yeah?" he grinned. "Believe it or not, that was more my style when I was alive- not so much these days. And this is nothing- you really want to see Pokémon that defy the stereotypes, you should meet Keith's Stunfisk."

Keith returned soon after that, nodding in agreement. "Oh, yes," he chuckled. "Now, if I brought my Seviper, then I might need to keep an eye on him, but Nagini's perhaps the best behaved of any of my Pokémon. More of a gentle, motherly sort than what one generally expects an Arbok to be like. Unless you threaten someone she cares about- then she gets terrifying," Keith stated.

Anion nodded back to Chroma. "Mai Minun," she replied, sniffing at the food, after which she smiled and gave a nod. "Minun, Minun," she stated.

"We're so glad ya approve," Meowth replied, rolling his eyes.

Chuck gave a small chuckle at Chroma's words. "You'd have to be a pretty bad cook to drive me off," he replied. "Like that one time Meowth tried cooking something without Hermione or Cotton helping him out."

"Hey, my cookin' got rave reviews!" Meowth retorted hotly.

"Indeed, but consider the source of said rave reviews," smirked Chuck. "Crabbe's a Swalot- he gives rave reviews to blocks of concrete with ranch dressing. And if the bulk of the praise for your cooking is coming from a Weezing, a Muk, and a Garbodor, what do you think that says?"

"Ehhh," Meowth grumbled, shutting up at once, though still looking annoyed.

Dennis and Nagini didn't have especially long to admire their surroundings before one of the residents came up to them. Dennis eyed the young Pumpkasaur with interest and curiosity just as the Pumpkasaur looked up at him. However, the Pumpkasaur soon got back on track, asking if either of them had seen some backwards-talking squid that breathed fire. "Can't say I have," Dennis replied.

"Nor have I," Nagini shook her head. "My name is Nagini, by the way, and this is Dennis. Who are you?" asked the Arbok.

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