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There's a certain point when dealing with Keith Masters that you just start expecting everything to talk. It was only a matter of time before that smeargle opened her mouth, though Chroma got the feeling that it would be something quite sarcastic if it did happen.

In any case, it wasn't the gengar's speech that surprised her- it was his laid back attitude. Chuck's kind had reputation for being either simple (if not terrifying) tricksters at best or malicious life force thieves at worst, with both types appearing in almost equal measure. So seeing this one nonchalantly ask about the lack of pizza parlors struck Chroma as being quite out of character- though that too was probably to be expected with this man among men. "Well, um, nice to meet you too, Chuck."

She dropped the tofu into her wok and started adding myriad seasonings- some dried powders, some premade 'sauces' that were clearly not being used as such, and an oil from Kanjoh- as she addressed Keith again. "Sure, go ahead! The stairway's behind the door right in front of the one we entered from. Oh, and feel free to test out one of the cocoons if you wish, though the actual stairs can get you there as well." She left him to figure out what she meant by 'cocoons' and mixed everything together.

By the time Keith got back to the kitchen, the tofu was simmering and turning to a crispy brown color as Chroma drained the fluid from the vegetables. "I'd sure hope so," she replied jokingly when Keith explained that his pokemon below were well behaved. "A hungry snake of that size would be a bit a problem otherwise!" She nodded to the little rodent on his shoulder. "I've got no problem with folks watching. It's nothing particularly fancy, though that doesn't seem to have driven Chuck off yet."

It wasn't long before Dennis and Nagini encountered a resident of their own. A gray bulbasaur with a jack-o-lantern where his bulb should be ran around the corner and came to a screeching halt upon noticing the strangers. 'Woah, you're huge...' he said in awe of the fully evolved Seed pokemon. He shook his head to get his act together, a trait he likely picked up from his trainer. 'Have either of you seen an annoying squid around here? Speaks backwards and occasionally breathes fire?'

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