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Now that Patches has found her missing Pokemon, she finally realizes that Gary is actually present. “Oh, hi Gary! Yeah, this Totodile is mine. Sorry, I didn’t notice you because I was worried sick about him. It looks like I had nothing to worry about though, he seems to be really happy in this fountain…” She hesitates for a moment as she realizes her Totodile actually appears to be pretty at home here. She has never been able to provide him with such a large place to swim that wasn’t a river somewhere and they didn’t find themselves around rivers very often. “Well, I’m sorry about this. I know that this is your home and he didn’t ask to swim in there.” She looked at her Totodile again, he was still giving her a pleading look that says he never wants to leave. “I’m sorry Totodile, it’s just that you’re my Pokemon and this is Gary’s home so you can’t stay here…” She pauses to think for a moment and that’s when she remembers that this place has a slide and she realizes she needs to solve this quick.

“I’ve got it!!!” She digs through her bag and pulls out a pokeball handing it to you. “Totodile doesn’t seem to want to leave and I don’t want my Pokemon imposing upon you, so here! He’s yours now! This way he won’t be imposing since he’s your Pokemon!” She feels really happy knowing that Totodile will never be forced to leave the place he seems to love. Of course, she didn’t really think this entire thing through at all since all she can think about is playing on the slide at this point but, it’s probably still for the best. Wasting no time at all, she runs through the base and starts playing on the slide. Meanwhile, Mio decided that she would visit the kitchen since there seems to be a crowd in there.
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