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Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
Lil'twick: The ship you are on could easily be described as modest. The rickety fishing boat is metal in some parts and wood in others, but you can't quite see the line due to the copious amounts of light green paint. The captain of the ship sits in a small closed off room, a portly greying man wearing classic fishing attire - plastic overalls, a yellow raincoat and hat, and green boots.

Captain Joe, his name you learned shortly before paying passage, poked his head out of the room. "Feelin' sick out there, kid? I've got a brown bag or two in here if ya need it!" He shouts out over the whirring motor in the back, and lets out a hearty laugh. The other two participants of this trip, two older men who sit on the other side of the boat, interrupt their conversation about ol' times with some snickering.

Eventually, the boat slows down and Captain Joe steps out after turning off the motor. "Here we are, gents! It's the ocean! The only one like it!" His Ampharos follows out, a shy one who stands above the hull a lot of the time, shining bright across the waves. He sets a small container of bait next to you on the bench next to a brown bag. "Hope ya feel better, kid. If you need anything, just ask. And sorry about the rough trip." He says to you, shrugging at the end. With everything you need with you to start fishing, what will you do?
Austin continued to listen to the guffaws of the older men on the boat. Not like it really mattered to him. He was use to lakeside fishing... Wait, how did he remember that? Maybe even if he can't recall how, his body can still recreate what it has learned. Muscle memory, if he could recall correctly. The ginger-dyed teen watched as his rod bobbed up and down in accordance to the waves, the boat slowly going into a slow rock. Fishing takes plenty of time, and how it was now the teen could pass out like his Spheal and maybe not hit a bite. It was a nice, relaxing day out at sea. Even if he didn't catch a fish, he wouldn't be too bothered by it. After all, this is an escape from the busy hustle and bustle of every day life.

Searching through his bag, Austin finds a sandwich in which to eat. Seems that Marie packed him food yet again. The more he thought about in in recent days, the more and more familiar the Gengar was to him. Of course, they had met before when it was just him and Wisp. But, this felt different. It felt like he knew her long before he started his journey. But he couldn't recall meeting a Gengar at all. Hopefully he would learn how shortly, but all his mind was doing was trying a blank. He was just here with Wisp and Yuke. He felt a bit better now that the stomach medication was kicking in. He took a small bite of his sandwich and continued to watch the line.

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