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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Gift Shop (Jerichi) – Though not the final destination of the social chameleon and his stealthy Kecleon, Jeri and Koi do learn a few interesting tidbits about this locale from their brief time passing through on the way to the bathrooms, reviewing the merchandise:

The Gift Shop sells a wide variety of apparel, accessories and knickknacks, all branded with the image of a smiling Jirachi surrounded by a sea of stars, in some form or another – however, something about the image isn't quite right. Its face seems fine, though... coloration is fine... general shape... no, it's something about the eye on its stomach. Though shut, it appears... more round than it should be? Perhaps the artist they hired to design the logo used poor source material.

Either way, for a store full of merchandise, the place is rather poorly guarded. There are no apparent security cameras, save for the ones outside the store which can only catch people entering and leaving - and, save for the rather dead-eyed teenager listlessly standing at the front desk, staring at the cash register in an apparent daze, there are no guards in sight, save for the wandering Machamp who does not seem to be giving the shop much attention. Odd, perhaps, until one considers that the bulk of the Casino's profit is likely not to come from apparel sales and keychains. Even the teen they hired for the shop looks... very, very out of it. Drugged, maybe? Not enough sleep?

Of particular note is the Employees Only door in the back of the store, with three pink shapes on the door: a star, a circle and an oval. A cursory glance would suggest that the door is probably locked.

The crafty Kecleon can't help but seize the opportunity to seize a little treat for himself before slinking away to check out the restrooms with his trainer...

Bathrooms (Lilblue, Jeri) – Though Jess may not fully understand the motivations of the gluttonous gumshoe, there was no denying that something big was going on – some secret scandal on the brink of being exposed - and Detective Gumpy was most assuredly on the case! The esteemed Pokemon investigator decides to begin his search in the lobby bathrooms, which are unisex and designed to accommodate Pokemon of all shapes and sizes. There are ten mirrors of varying heights and sizes, with sinks to match, opposite ten stalls with various Pokemon accommodations – only two humanshape/human stalls, though. None are occupied at the moment. There are no security cameras or guards in sight, though on first glance, there appears to be nothing of interest in this space. After Detective Gumpy is able to utilize the facilities to clear his head – and whatever else needed to be cleared – his razor-sharp detective's eye scans the area until his gaze is caught by the bathroom trash receptacle, which is rather empty save for a torn up piece of paper. It would take time to empty the garbage and assemble the note, but there seems to be no surveillance in the bathroom for now.

Jeri and Koi arrive some moments after Gumpy makes his discovery– Koi gives a furtive glance around before inspecting his find. With a flourish, he tries on the star-embroidered Silk Scarf in the mirror: stylish though he may look, it might be best to hide those stolen goods before someone figures out what Koi's been up to...
Jeri was growing increasingly suspicious of this entire situation. Why was the only person staffing this shop seemingly somnambulent? And its contents all seemed a little off - the Jirachi so prominently featured seemed to be somewhat inaccurate in its depictions. And on top of that, the door marked "Employees Only" bore strange markings that reminded him of those on those cards that were supposed to show if someone had psychic powers...

Suspicions aroused, he entered the bathroom to find a Gulpin mulling over a trash bin. Not thinking much of it (Gulpin, being quite voracious, were wont to dig through refuse), he went to look around, but was quickly distracted by Koi, who was admiring himself in the mirror with a Silk Scarf clearly lifted from the store about his neck.

"Give me that," Jeri snapped quietly, snatching the contraband away and stuffing it into his pocket to hide it. He didn't intend to steal it, but it was best to not give Koi away if he could avoid it. But, if it was off the shelf now...

The chameleon looked a little dejected as he Camouflaged himself again.

"C'mon, let's keep looking around," Jeri suggested, leaving the bathroom. He figured he would keep searching this general area and head towards the couches. Meanwhile, Koi, slinking out along with his trainer, clinging to a nearby wall and keeping out of sight as best he could, made an attempt to sneak around the security desk to see what he could find.

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