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★ Starlight Summit ★

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With Tinnitus taking the lead with his Supersonic calls and his empassioned flopping, the group forges ahead into the darkness. The cave walls narrow again, and the sound begins to concentrate, Tinnitus' calls being largely lost among the clamor. However, it soon becomes obvious what the source of the noise is - a flock of Woobat appear out of the dark and flap about above your heads, continuing their screeching. They do not block your path, however, most of them in fact flying past you in the direction from which you came. You continue to advance in spite of the interruption, coming upon another chamber similar to the one from before, but this one much smaller and also infested with Woobat. It seems someone has disturbed the bats' slumber, and that someone is the Clefairy from before! In her panic, it seems Clefairy ran into the Woobat's lair, and now the bats are swarming her. The fairy is crunched up in a Defense Curl as the bats swoop down and graze her repeatedly.

It seems that the little pink fairy has gotten herself in a world of trouble, not to mention that the swarm of angry bats is largely preventing your ability to progress (assuming the direction you're going in is the right one). It may be wise to deal with them in some way, perhaps either calming them down or scaring them off, if not Clefairy's sake but for your own. How will the group handle the furious fliers, and will they drag Clefairy out as well?

Cotton and Chromium were a tiny bit surprised at the fact that the silent Water-type had taken the lead, and seemed to be trying to take charge of the situation. It was often easy to overlook Tinnitus's presence. But right now, the Tympole was hard to overlook as he flopped forward with purpose and determination, sending his Supersonic waves ahead of him to demand an explanation.

However, this inaudible announcement went completely unheeded. A flock of Woobat quickly proved to be the source of the screeching. "Whoa!" Cotton exclaimed, but the Woobat did not seem concerned with them. They flew right over their heads and towards the source of the commotion.

Said commotion being an even larger flock of Woobat in a smaller chamber up ahead. And what was more-

"...I'll be damned," Chromium murmured. "Isn't that the Clefairy from before?"

"That's her, alright," nodded Cotton. "We gotta help her- do you feel frustrated or something all of a sudden?" he asked, for indeed, a sudden, inexplicable sense of frustration washed over him.

Chromium said nothing, merely pointing at the third member of their party, and upon seeing the look on the Tympole's face, this inexplicable frustration suddenly got a lot more explicable- Tinnitus was giving off those inaudible sound waves that served to convey his current mood. And currently, the Tympole was pissed. Currently, he was cursing this quietness he was born with, his inability to speak, to make himself heard. He cursed the fact that his paltry Supersonic failed to command the attention of even a single one of these Woobat, that they simply flew above the trio, paying them no mind.

"Hey, whoa, Tinny, calm down, huh?" said Cotton. "They're just a bit preoccupied, is all, yeah? No need to take it personal. I'm sure you got what it takes to grab their attention."

Tinnitus turned, giving Cotton a grateful smile. The Tympole knew Cotton was right, and yet not right at the same time. Oh, he had it in him, true enough... just not like this.

Turning back to face the unruly Woobat, Tinnitus let off more vibrations. From these, the Swirlix and Smeargle picked up great determination. And just as they identified just what it was they felt from this, they started to see what that determination was driving Tinnitus to do, for the Tympole's body began to glow brightly. The tail did not get any larger- in fact, if anything, it got a bit smaller- but that was the only thing that shrunk. Tinnitus grew taller. The bumps on the sides of his head got larger, and an even larger one grew out of his forehead. His body widened a little bit, but mainly grew taller, allowing for two smaller bumps to sprout around where one might expect to see arms of some sort. And at the bottom, he finally grew a pair of feet, signaling the end of his Magikarpesque flopping. And with these changes complete, the glowing died down, and this time, the Supersonic that the let out was much stronger, much more noticeable. Tinnitus would be very surprised if this one did not stop at least some of the Woobat and get them to notice them. Of course, the Palpitoad still didn't wish to pick a fight if it was avoidable, but this time, if they still didn't respond to the Supersonic, then maybe, he figured, they'd be more responsive to a Bubble Beam.

"Yo- Chrome," whispered Cotton. "If we gotta attack, maybe try going for Dragon Rage? That way, if you end up hitting Clefairy you don't hurt her- Fairy is immune to Dragon."

"I know basic type matchups, thank you," Chromium whispered back irritably, though still intending to follow the Swirlix's advice. Cotton himself was planning to use Psychic to pull the Clefairy to safety, provided he got a good opportunity to do so.

What? Tympole is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Tympole evolved into Palpitoad!
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