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"Wow," Keith murmured. "Well, I definitely hope she remembers someday," he stated. His voice remained calm and even, though Meowth noticed Keith blinking back a bit of moisture, and it wasn't exactly difficult for the Scratch Cat Pokémon to figure out why the subject of memory loss was a bit of an emotional one for Keith. Fortunately, a change of subject presented itself in Chroma's permission for Keith to send out the rest of his team. Keith nodded as Chroma advised him to consider size. "No problem," he stated. "In fact, this one won't take up too much space at all," he added, opening up a Poké Ball, which spilled its contents out directly into Keith's shadow. For a moment, one might assume nothing was there... until, that is, the grinning face of a Gengar popped up out of the floor.

Chuck glanced around at his surroundings. Then at Chromium. Then at Chroma. Then at Keith. "We never made it to Pansear Pizza Parlor, did we?" the Gengar asked.

"Nope," Keith shook his head. "But Chuck, this here is Chroma, we wound up here at her place, and she's agreed to fix us something to eat."

"Yeah?" grinned the Gengar. "Well, thanks very much for that, Chroma. The name's Chuck. Good to meet you."

"I'll be back," Keith added. "Just gonna send out the others- might need a little extra room," he explained, before heading back downstairs. And once he was sure there was sufficient room, he threw two more Poké Balls and a Fast Ball, each of which unleashed its occupant upon the floor.



"Mai maaaiii!"

Keith smiled at his Venusaur, his Arbok, and his Minun. "Alright, guys, dinner's coming up soon. Yes, I know this isn't Pansear Pizza Parlor. All complaints in that regard are to be brought straight to Chromium, OK? In the meantime, we're guests at a friend's house, so I know we'll all behave real well, OK? Especially considering she's being kind enough to cook us something to eat."

"Chaaa," nodded Nagini. Keith smiled- he expected nothing less than this level of ladylike politeness from his Arbok.

"Veeenusaaaaur," rumbled Dennis, likewise nodding. Again, no surprise to Keith- Dennis, excitable as he could so often be, definitely knew when to reel it in.

"Maii! Minun mai!" Anion said. climbed up onto Keith's shoulder, pushed Meowth aside. "Minun! Minun mai!" she demanded.

"Anion wants ta see dis meal in progress," Meowth translated.

"Minun," Anion nodded to confirm this.

Keith nodded. "Alright, sure," he responded, heading back on up to the kitchen. "Alright," he said to Chroma. "My Venusaur and Arbok are making themselves at home- they're both very well behaved," he assured her. "And this is Anion, my Minun," he added, indicating the Electric-type rodent on his shoulder. "She insisted on watching our food get prepared," he explained.

"Mai Minun!" nodded Anion. She eyed the tofu with something like distaste, but raised no vocal objections, contenting herself to simply watching Chroma work with it.

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