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Mime Jr. The First Wish

Gift Shop (Jerichi) – Though not the final destination of the social chameleon and his stealthy Kecleon, Jeri and Koi do learn a few interesting tidbits about this locale from their brief time passing through on the way to the bathrooms, reviewing the merchandise:

The Gift Shop sells a wide variety of apparel, accessories and knickknacks, all branded with the image of a smiling Jirachi surrounded by a sea of stars, in some form or another – however, something about the image isn't quite right. Its face seems fine, though... coloration is fine... general shape... no, it's something about the eye on its stomach. Though shut, it appears... more round than it should be? Perhaps the artist they hired to design the logo used poor source material.

Either way, for a store full of merchandise, the place is rather poorly guarded. There are no apparent security cameras, save for the ones outside the store which can only catch people entering and leaving - and, save for the rather dead-eyed teenager listlessly standing at the front desk, staring at the cash register in an apparent daze, there are no guards in sight, save for the wandering Machamp who does not seem to be giving the shop much attention. Odd, perhaps, until one considers that the bulk of the Casino's profit is likely not to come from apparel sales and keychains. Even the teen they hired for the shop looks... very, very out of it. Drugged, maybe? Not enough sleep?

Of particular note is the Employees Only door in the back of the store, with three pink shapes on the door: a star, a circle and an oval. A cursory glance would suggest that the door is probably locked.

The crafty Kecleon can't help but seize the opportunity to seize a little treat for himself before slinking away to check out the restrooms with his trainer...

Bathrooms (Lilblue, Jeri) – Though Jess may not fully understand the motivations of the gluttonous gumshoe, there was no denying that something big was going on – some secret scandal on the brink of being exposed - and Detective Gumpy was most assuredly on the case! The esteemed Pokemon investigator decides to begin his search in the lobby bathrooms, which are unisex and designed to accommodate Pokemon of all shapes and sizes. There are ten mirrors of varying heights and sizes, with sinks to match, opposite ten stalls with various Pokemon accommodations – only two humanshape/human stalls, though. None are occupied at the moment. There are no security cameras or guards in sight, though on first glance, there appears to be nothing of interest in this space. After Detective Gumpy is able to utilize the facilities to clear his head – and whatever else needed to be cleared – his razor-sharp detective's eye scans the area until his gaze is caught by the bathroom trash receptacle, which is rather empty save for a torn up piece of paper. It would take time to empty the garbage and assemble the note, but there seems to be no surveillance in the bathroom for now.

Jeri and Koi arrive some moments after Gumpy makes his discovery– Koi gives a furtive glance around before inspecting his find. With a flourish, he tries on the star-embroidered Silk Scarf in the mirror: stylish though he may look, it might be best to hide those stolen goods before someone figures out what Koi's been up to...

Check-in/Help Desk (Schala) – The desk is a relatively new feature at the Casino, though what was once a friendly repository of maps, directories, coupons and various forms of assistance has become a cold, stark desk plastered with what can only be described as Jirachi-themed propaganda – countless painted images of smiling people whose wishes have come true thanks to the legend. Most striking among these is an image of Jirachi smiting the other legendaries with an explosive blast, with the statement above: “Believe in your wishes, not in false gods!”

In contrast to the Souvenir Shop and Bathroom on either side of it, the Check-In/Help Desk has at least one camera focused on it at all times. It is also notable that the guard Arcanine stationed here never leaves her post, and the wandering Machamp seems to stop here on his route rather frequently. The desk is far more massive than it should be – thicker and taller than most desks of its kind. The woman at the counter has a rather doll-like, expressionless face – her speech is curt – her tone dismissive. For a help desk, she seems a rather poor choice of helper.

As Ami leaves the counter with a somewhat irritated expression, Eskil and Nyx approach. The woman seems to intentionally avoid eye contact as she responds with a rather listless, over-rehearsed “If you're lost, just follow your heart -” Rather than provide Eskil with a map like a typical help desk associate would, however, she hands him two purple coins with Jirachi's face emblazoned on them. “One for a wish, and one for a spin,” she offers by way of explanation. “Now, off you go,” she spits, making an eerily robotic motion to shoo him away.

While this exchange goes on, Nyx catches sight of something behind the counter. It would be a long shot, given the security, but a natural thief like Purrloin might have a shot at swiping it. Is it worth the risk?

Fountain (Median Dia, Sandaa) – After sorting out her balance at the Check-In/Help Desk, Ami makes her way to the fountain. Beside the fountain is a small sign encouraging patrons to make wishes and offer coins to Jirachi - “Unlike other fountains, the wishes you make to Jirachi are guaranteed to come true... with enough coins, that is!” What an odd thing for a sign to say... and how odd to be so certain of Jirachi's wish-granting powers through this gaudy fountain! Even the signage at Jirachi's own Shrine was nowhere near as presumptuous of its ability to communicate to the little legend.

The little wish that escapes Ami's lips reverberates oddly throughout the casino – odd, considering that the acoustics in the space typically would not produce such an effect. As the coin flips into the water, Ami notices that the little gold coin is the odd-one out in a sea of larger, dark purple coins submerged in the fountain. For a brief moment, Ami can't shake the incredibly unsettling feeling that the statue is watching her – not from its eyes, but from the water-spewing “eye” on its stomach, which Ami notices is more round than it should be. In that brief moment, the water gushing forth from the eye stops – time itself, too, feels as if it stops, frozen in a single second, a round, red eye staring unblinking into Ami's very soul – only for the water to start again and the feeling to pass, though Ami's uneasiness remains.

A crackling, animatronic voice bursts forth from one of the smaller statues surrounding Jirachi – the Magikarp's robotic catchphrase seems to be, “If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets! Hyuk hyuk!” Its metallic fins move slowly, gratingly, back and forth. Perhaps other members of this statue crew had similar gimmicks, activated with enough coins...

Nadie looks visibly shaken – her psychic senses seem to have picked up something about this statue being very, very wrong. However, she has not deviated from her trainer's orders, and maintains her focus and composure – indeed, she has noticed something unusual about the fountain, and directs Ami's attention to her finding. The Jirachi statue's left eye is slightly different from the right – the left eye is made of a different material, and sticks out somewhat, like it could be pressed.

There could be more to this fountain... or it might be time to move on.

Meanwhile, a brief investigation of the window above the fountain by the intrepid Scurvy allows him to discover, much to his delight, that the star window can be opened... but only from inside. With substantial effort and dexterity, Scurvy opens the star window a crack, just enough so that someone else could pry it open from the outside. With his mission accomplished, Scurvy and Gary can continue straight ahead. Scurvy gains 1 level for his show of finesse.

The Path to Wishes (Raves, Heather, Meetan, Sandaa, Kawaii) – Five among you choose to move straight ahead from the lobby, where the Path to Wishes awaits – or so it is called by the massive yellow neon sign overhead. At first, this “path” appears like a dead end – a short, dark blue corridor with no windows or doors, the ceiling and upper walls painted to look like the star-studded night sky. Tiny openings in the corridor open up every so often, with an animatronic Jirachi head peeping through at guests walking by... To delight or frighten children, depending on their views regarding uncanny valley facsimilies of Pokemon – and is this ever one of them! Eerily lifelike eyes in an incredibly fake, plastic body – in some cases, the creators were too lazy to bother even with that, and just have the head on a somewhat obvious metal stick. This peeping Pokemon appears to be triggered by motion, and seems downright suspicious, though it's hard to place exactly why. In times past, when Jirachi's Casino was only a single-floor building, this room would have been where the old Starter Slots and Roulette would be located. The tiny slot machines and old roulette wheel sit awkwardly at the “end” of the path, but the faded lights blinking on the faces of the slots are just enough to illuminate two signs. One, which reads “FAME”, points to the right. The other, which reads “FORTUNE”, points to the left. “FAME” has a little hamburger/soda icon on a sub-sign beneath it, indicating some sort of food available, and both paths also have a sub-sign for “RESTROOMS”... for those of us with simpler, more immediate desires.

The corridor has no security cameras, and is mostly featureless, save for a suspicious patch in the wall that looks like a door might have been painted over. The only guard, a Pupitar at the end of the hall, wiggles with intimidation at the sight of visitors, his hat two sizes too small. Feeling he has done his guarding job for the day, he goes back to staring longingly at the big roulette wheel, which he no longer has arms to spin... perhaps one day.

Kawaii attempts to pull the lever of one of the slot machines, but without coins, the machine is inoperable and the lever won't budge. It does seem like the coin slot was enlarged somewhat, as if to fit a larger denomination of coin than the typical Casino Coin.

We all must follow our own paths to achieve our heart's desire. Which paths will you take?

Elevator (Patches, TKF, Brave Saix, PikaGod) – A pair of elevators bear the responsibility of ferrying trainers and Pokemon from one floor to the next. Though fairly spacious, the space is rather unremarkable – the walls and ceiling are mirrored if you need to check yourself (before you wreck yourself).

Available floors are BF, P1F, 1F, P2F, 2F, P3F, 3F and ROOF. There are also buttons for Open Door, Close Door and an EMERGENCY STOP button.

Jayson, who attempts to order Odysseus to disrupt the surveillance camera, is... well, caught on the surveillance camera the moment the disruptions become apparent. He's cut off by the sudden appearance of a rather stern-looking Alakazam in a Jirachi's Casino hat, who teleports in out of seemingly nowhere. Soon, Jayson experiences the feeling of his own body being made ethereal – being removed from this very plane of existence – only to reappear back in the lobby with his Magnemite. The guards have their eye on Jayson and Odysseus. Even so, the risk is not completely without reward – Lift 1 surveillance camera is Out of Order. Also, the preliminary trace reveals to Magnemite that the surveillance system is being controlled on a floor beneath the lobby. Odysseus, though visibly shaken, is stronger for the experience. Odysseus gains 1 level.

Sypher doesn't fare much better in the other lift – though his attempt at using the “EMERGENCY STOP” button does, indeed, stop the elevator between floors, it also encourages a ghostly Gengar Guard (a GenGuard?) to float through the walls and investigate the lift, grinning wide as he smashes the “2F” button hard in response to the supposed “emergency”. Though Jill is able to fly through a rather promising looking vent between 2F and P3F, her trainer plummets in the elevator with the cackling guard – though only a short distance, the jostling motion is thoroughly disorienting – though not nearly as bad as being unceremoniously thrown out of the elevator back into the lobby by an insane Gengar. The guards have their eye on Sypher. She will likely fly back some time later to give a full report to Sypher – if she can find him.

Melody, who is third to the elevator, tries to close the door as soon as she enters the space – only to find that the button is jammed. A throng of tourists enter the elevator – but given the presence of the guards, being surrounded by the din of other people works as a sort of camouflage. The throng is followed by the eager Patches, who presses every single button in the elevator... including the Emergency Stop. Both the Alakazam and the Gengar end up in the lift with Patches and Melody, rolling their eyes. Seems like the elevator attracts all the troublemakers... They seem to debate unceremoniously throwing Patches out, but decide to simply keep their eyes on her. She may serve as a temporary distraction... Though the lift she has boarded (Lift 2) still has an operating surveillance camera.

Jason and Sypher may attempt to board the elevator again, or may try their luck elsewhere.
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