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Keith nodded as Chroma seemed to understand perfectly well how Chromium was still having trouble with Teleport. "It was the same way with my Qwilfish for a good while," he added. "Took a lot of working with him before he really got the hang of Teleport. Not to mention, probably doesn't exactly help that most Qwilfish can't actually learn Teleport," he chuckled. He then smiled as Chroma offered to make them something to eat. "Oh, well, you don't have to, but thanks so much, Chroma," he replied.

"I second dat thanks," Meowth chimed in.

As they followed Chroma, she commented on the Stewie incident. "Yeah, for sure," Keith nodded. "I mean, all things considered, it could've gone way worse. Luna, my Swoobat, apparently foresaw this happening, and so took the initiative to pack anything irreplaceable into my backpack so I had them on me before the place was destroyed. Plus, everyone evacuated in time, so there's that to be thankful for. To say nothing of how everything ended," he added with a small smile. "I mean, it really does suck- that house had been a home to me for many years now, and a small pile of debris is all that remains... but yeah- things are absolutely picking up for us," he nodded. It was at that moment Chroma spoke to someone behind a door, someone by the name of Ami, telling her where she'd be, and more to the point, that they have guests, a fact this Ami seemed to find weird. As Chroma led the way towards the kitchen, she explained that Ami was her sister- her adopted sister. "Ah," Keith nodded. "If you don't mind me asking, what's the story there?" he added.

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