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"I'd imagine so..." she said when Keith finished explaining how they got here. The ability to teleport precisely over a long distance requires an amount of focus few humans could achieve, so this little smeargle having trouble makes sense. "Well, we're no pizza shop, but I think I can whip something up for your troubles."

She led them up to the door beneath the Mega Altaria window as they explained the situation over at their place. "Well, it's nice to know you're picking yourselves back off the ground. The business with Stewie was pretty unfortunate for you." She paused for a brief second. "Though I will admit that feels a bit odd to no longer be homeless." She knocked on the door a couple times and called out. "Hey Ami, I'm heading into the kitchen. Oh, and we've got guests over, so please look presentable if you come out!"

"Guests? That's weird," another human voice responded. "Go ahead, I'll be out in a minute!"

"Alrighty then," Chroma opened the door and led the way. "Oh, that's my sister, by the way." She ended the statement in a whisper. "...She's adopted."

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