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The door swung open, to general surprise- someone did indeed live here. Moreover, Keith recognized the young woman before him- Dichromatia Schmeltzer, current owner of an Inkay Keith very briefly owned for himself, and one of the Trainers who came to help put an end to Stewie's bid for world domination. "Oh- hey, Chroma," Keith replied. At her request, he entered the impressive structure she seemed to call home. "So yeah- we were headed to Pansear Pizza Parlor to grab a bite to eat, and I figured this would be a good opportunity for Chromium here to practice her Teleport move," he said, gesturing to the Smeargle who was currently glancing around at the interior of the building. "As you can probably guess, she still needs a bit of work with it," he chuckled. "She's not half bad with it in battle, but over long distances, that's a whole other swarm of Yanma."

"So youse lives here, huh?" Meowth remarked, looking around. "I gotta say, nice place. Keith's still workin' on his new place."

"Yeah," Keith nodded. "I mean, it's coming along real nicely, and it's given me an opportunity to actually live much closer to where my boat is docked, over by Salt Wave Coast."

"Though now dat he's gonna be livin' dere, more like Sludge Wave Coast," Meowth quipped.

Keith looked a bit thoughtful at this. "Sludge Wave Coast..." he murmured. "Now that's catchy. I like it! But anyway, yeah- this place looks really nice, Chroma," he added, also looking around.

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