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1. Be sure to follow the standard FB rules and procedures regarding interactions. While the Base is for free RP, it would be greatly appreciated if you refrained from making myself or another visitor from feeling bad deliberately.

2. While the Central Hall and underground locations are fairly large spaces to accomodate all but the most immense of creatures, the doorways most definitely are not. It is recommended that you recall any non-serpentine pokemon taller than 7 and a half feet if you wish to take it between areas.

3. Unless given permission, do not enter Amicae's room. This rule applies to pokemon as well, since it is entirely possible for Psychic and/or speaking pokemon to report their findings to their trainer afterwards.

4. I do have a say in determining whether you can join in an ongoing storyline or not, so please check with if you wish to do so. This is as much for the other players' sake as it is my own, so please be understanding here.

Aside from that, feel free to drop a visit whenever the first post says we're open!
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