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The Crystalline Cathedral- Ami and Chroma's Secret Base

The Courtyard

The Crystalline Cathedral, as the name suggests, is a dark, church-styled structure, with a tower on one side, lined with amethyst and aura quartz crystals to give it an air a mystery and beauty. The building’s front is adorned with a stained glass window depicting a blue and orange sigilyph, and the cobblestone walkway leading up to the steeple’s front door is decorated with runes and magic circle motifs. While the magical-looking symbols are completely safe and non-functional, it is highly recommended that one ignores the pumpkin patches alongside the walkway- the hefty gourds, courtesy of one of the Cathedral's residents, explode a few seconds after being picked! It’s also a good idea to have permission to enter before trying to open the door (or windows), as the Chapel is safeguarded by a good few defences to catch all sorts of beings.


The Central Hall

Entering the Cathedral from the front door places you in a large recession room rather than the bench-filled one you would expect from the exterior. It is decorated with an odd mix of mystic eccentricity and normality, finally giving a sign that one of the people living here might be somewhat normal after all. Maybe. More arcane runes decorate the carpet judiciously, and the large chandelier hanging from the middle of the room gives off an eerie vibe, and yet there is a large, pink couch flanked by electric lamps facing a tv system complete with a significant variety of gaming systems.

Both of the walls to either side of the room from the entrance displays another stained glass window: a Mega Altaria to the left, and a swoobat to the right, both in their normal colors. Beneath each window stands another doorway, with a third one standing beneath a Ring of the Creator sigil at the end of the hall.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the place is the effect of its lighting. The chandelier and stained glass windows produce pale blue and purple glows that seem to float towards the center of the room. In turn, the lamps give off a homely orange glow, radiating out from the bulbs to meet with the outer lights. Rather than assimilate one another, however, the lights seem to blend together where they meet, creating a beautiful radial gradient that extends throughout the entirety of the hall. You don’t see things like this at conventional light shows!

The Hall of Floating Memories

Entering the door beneath the Ring of the Creator reveals that the central hall was not the most fantastic room in the building. The long and narrow hallway is lined with pews, and the far wall is adorned with the last stained glass window: An orange and black xatu, the pokemon that sees both past and future. Turning around allows you to see a Red Chain Of Spirit emblem at the same level the Ring was. None of this is what marks the place as special, however- it is much of the same stuff found in the previous room, after all. What is special is the series of hovering puzzle pieces, each a foot wide and shimmering in a combination of three colors. Deliberate contact with one projects its contents into one’s mind, allowing you to experience the event as if you yourself had been there as spectral bystander! Notably, the memories’ color combinations are indicative of the nature of their particular contents, and their soft radiance is the only light source outside of the window and the door (should it be open).

Amicae’s Side

Going through the door beneath the Mega Altaria window places you into a simple hallway. One way leads to a simple, but modern, kitchen area, while the other direction leads to Ami’s room. Ami doesn’t let humans into her room without permission, though she is a little stricter than most regarding pokemon- many can communicate with their trainers just fine, and it wouldn’t do her much good to let them relay any secrets information they might find there during a bad situation. Regardless of how you get in, you’ll find… that it really isn’t all that impressive. The only things of particular note are the fact that the sheets are made of white silk and there are a couple black hoodies significantly larger than what the girl would wear alongside a togekiss themed costume of some sort.

The door directly in front of you when you enter the hallway from the central hall leads to a small room with a staircase leading downward and multiple domes of various sizes made of silk. Modeled after the cocoons that were featured in the Unova Region’s Castelia Gym once upon a time, they use sudden shifts in air flow to suck up and quickly transport people and pokemon alike to the various locations on this side of the basement floor. The stairs, in truth, are simply there for people who would rather avoid using such an exotic method of travel, regardless of what their reasons may be.

Dichromatia’s Side

Going through the door beneath the Swoobat window presents you with a spiral staircase headed upwards and a door that was clearly chosen for its old appearance. Going up the stairs leads to the only second story locations of the building, with a (currently) small library serving as the first stop, Chroma’s room second, and a general study area at the top of the tower. All have a distinct “haunted location” feel to them, though it is entirely possible that some of the wisps that float by are indeed minor spectors. Chroma usually insists that they are, but whether or not someone believes her on the matter is up to them.

Mirroring the transition room on Ami’s side, the door on the ground level leads to a room with a (thankfully normal) staircase of its own leading into the basement, as well as a collection of circular patterns spread about. While many do lead into the basement as well, a few do teleport the user to one of the other rooms on this side, including Chroma’s own. One of them even serves as a one-way trip to the middle of the cobblestone pathway outside! All one has to do is stand in the middle of one of the circles with the will to be taken elsewhere, though the exact end location is set for each circle and none of them are labeled. Do to the trial and error nature of getting the circles to take you where you want to go without guidance, Chroma is far less guarded about entering the room than her roommate- she can, however, seal off that particular warp circle as she sees fit.


Pokemons’ Loop

Many of the cocoons and magic circles lead into a circular basement large enough to fit a good few larger pokemon comfortably, as well as both flights of stairs. Much of the ground is padded to varying degrees to match the differing tastes of the denizens, and many artificial trees dot the vicinity to accommodate those that prefer not to sleep on the ground. The northernmost sector is actually an artificial lake, taking a more natural aesthetic to the otherwise standard base addition. Visitors be warned, however- one of the pokemon most commonly found in the waters is no fish but a large, fairly friendly spider pokemon. Being surprised is rarely a good thing while one is swimming, though he is more than willing to take you to shore should accidentally swallow water in shock!

The Sparring Arena

Accessible via cocoon, warp circle, or one of three doors connecting it to the Loop, this simple raised platform serves as a battleground between pokemon should the need arise or as a training area otherwise. Suspended stands around the outside of the room allow visitors to watch whatever is going on beneath from a (relatively) safe distance, and have their own connections separate from the main arena (though there are stairs connecting the two levels if one so desired to use them.

The Base is now open for RP!

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