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As all of the Pokemon were out playing, Tate explained her Vaporeon's situation while also warning Hyrem and Patches about her genetic problems. "Well, I don't know Happy's genes very well, but there haven't been any health problems with him that I know of," Hyrem assured Tate. "If things go well, you and Kai are more than welcome to borrow him for breeding purposes. Besides, he probably has some urges of his own he needs to deal with!" Patches, however, still seemed to be confused as to what was going on and asked about the apples supposedly implied in the ad. "Apples?" Hyrem asked. "I didn't see anything about apples." He went back to his Pokedex in order to look up the ad once again.

Meanwhile, Happy was approached by another Espeon who introduced herself as Rika. "Hi Rika! I guess apples are pretty good, though I've only had one, and it was kinda mushy." He then looked at the Eevee all playing about Kai, while she seemed more than a bit frustrated at all the children she was in the middle of, and she vented some of it against the one who spit water at her in the form of a Scald attack, which splashed towards the humans, causing Hyrem to jump from the hot water. He had seen this before in fact, when he himself was trying so hard to make friends with, he wanted more than that, and he wanted it too quickly, that's why she was turned off in the first place.

But he was better now. He was told by Carla to grow up, and he did...mostly. Now was his chance to prove it. He needed to...for himself, and for Kai's sake. He wasn't too familiar with what Kai was feeling, but something within Happy told him that he could help...that he should help. After all, that's what he does with Silas and Kenna as a member of Team Flash Fire, right? He's supposed And perhaps she would help him in return, by...helping him feel really good? He couldn't explain it, but maybe he didn't need to, maybe he just needed to loosen up and be himself instead of fighting whatever this urge? Yes, that's what this was! He took a moment to relax himself, a quick, warm exhale escaping his lips. "Anyway, wish me luck, Rika!" he said to the Espeon before walking over to the Vaporeon, not fazed by the heat from the nearby steam resulting from the earlier Scald attack. "Kai?" said the Flareon, trying to get her attention. "My trainer said wanted kids?" His paw started to move closer to hers, waiting for her to allow such movement before continuing. "I...I can help with that...if-if you want."

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