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Round 4: Sorry for the delay

And so the buttfuckery continues, with Jasmine Discharging a blast of electricity into the bound Lickitung, followed by part of a blast of toxic energy as a volley of Sludge Bombs sprays across him and his ally, who, alleviated of his paralysis, rallies to his ensnared assistant, a Heal Pulse causing the tongue creature to relax somewhat, causing him to release a colossal Belch at close range into the Snubbull's face, eliciting a screech of discomfort as the Fairy almost passes out from the toxic stench. Seriously austo, what the fuck are you feeding that bastard? Kangaroo jerky? That shit fucking reeks. Angered by the vile gaseous discharge, the Snubbull unleashes another Sludge Bomb barrage at the two of them, the toxic assault harming both battlers, even as another Discharge slams into the Normal type as it recoils in pain, its red aura now glowing strongly as it Bides, doggedly preparing to unleash a retaliatory attack... when one comes, that is. Meanwhile, Brandr begins to drain the Joltik, the Pain Split causing discomfot to the spider, before the connection is severed by the round's ending.

Tunga slid into his final third, while Buttface tanks through his second third, Brandr enters his second third and Jasmine is sat comfortably in her first third. Everyone needs a breather, Tunga's still Biding and Brandr's paralysis is insignificant now. Buttface is out of Poison energy and Tunga's at under half.
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