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Gary had taken but two steps towards the aquarium when he heard the front door burst open down the hallway followed by the jingle of the music note mats. “What the,” he pondered, turning around, “Who the heck is that?” He wouldn’t get his answer though, as the unexpected guest turned right into the living room. As the visitor darted into the room and crawled under the kitchen table, the Pokemon chowing down on their food looked over out of curiosity. The guest called out to Gary, unable to find what they were looking for, so Raphael the Blastoise turned to face her with a mouth full of lettuce. He simply pointed in the direction of the aquarium room, in which the guest bumped her head and quickly darted in that direction.

As Gary had taken steps toward the hallway to the kitchen to see who was there, he was nearly knocked over by the girl who ran past him and over to the fountain with her Pikachu. “Oh! From last night… you were, uh, Cardia or Patches, right?” He scratched his head as the girl ignored him and started talking to the fountain. He turned around to see what the commotion was about, but then suddenly a Totodile appeared out from underwater in the fountain. “Woah, when did that get here? A Totodile, huh? That really takes me back…” Flashbacks of his youth in Johto ran through his mind when he was a trainer just starting out on his Pokemon journey and a smile crept onto his face. “Is that Totodile yours? He sure is cute.”
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