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Apples? What is this woman talking about? Bewildered, Tate glanced around the room, before looking to Cardia with a perplexed expression.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Tate explains, briefly looking down at the Eevee squabbling at their feet. It didn't seem like a serious issue, and so Tate chose to ignore it for the time being. What was a little water on the floor in a room that housed a Vaporeon? "You're here about the flyer, right? The one about siring Kai some kits?"

Kai was not expecting the assault, and as the saliva-tinged water strikes her face, most of it absorbs into her slick, hairless skin. What remains trickles off in razor-thin rivulets, past narrowed eyes that shine with contempt. Then, she opens her mouth... but no words come out.

Rather, a scalding hot jet of water strikes Kiku head-on, splashing the nearby trainers and striking Tate's bare legs, causing the trainer to yelp in shock and a bit of pain.

"Kai!" Tate reprimands, as the stream of hot water peters out, but the Vaporeon only looks satisfied with herself. You're in the big leagues, her smug features seem to say. Don't fuck with the heavy hitters.

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