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The elder seems unaware of your presence as you draw near. Upon closer inspection you realize he must be well over eighty, maybe ninety, completely bald and with a white beard so pristine it’s a miracle how he can maintain it as such sitting on the dusty railroads of New Fizz’s outskirts.

It isn’t until you speak up that the man opens his eyes, seemingly pulled away from some sort of meditation by the sound of your voice. If he is in any way irritated, he does not convey it; remaining absolutely motionless, sitting cross-legged on the railway and hands resting on his lap with palms facing upwards, he finally replies, though he does not face you directly as he speaks – his eyes, now opened, stare straight ahead the maze of iron trails and the horizon beyond.

“Trainspotting,” he says summarily, in a low-pitched, somber voice.

He closes his eyes again, but you then notice his eyebrows contorting and rising, as if he suddenly felt something. Like a statue come to life, he turns his head painstakingly slowly and finally stares at you proper, with renewed interest for whatever reason.

“I am waiting for a special train, one that only appears right after dark,” he says in perfect monotone. “I sense that you’re… properly attuned. If you believe in ghosts, sit with me and wait.”

You can’t tell if the man has lost his mind or if there is more to him than meets the eye. You can, however, hear the unmistakable sound of a train approaching in the distance. The elder has just invited you to sit on the railway and wait for whatever comes – a behaviour clearly at odds with the most basic of survival instincts. Will you indulge the man, try talking him out of it, or perhaps walk away entirely in search of something more… sane?

Hiero wasn't entirely sure how to immediately react to the situation. Here was a man who was sitting on railroad tracks, "trainspotting", almost as though he had done this before. The man had finally faced Hiero and... invited him to sit on the train tracks with him.

A normal individual would have thought the man insane, or perhaps displaying early signs of dementia. Hell, some might have even assumed the man to be a ghost himself.

"I sense that you're... properly attuned."

Hiero remained silent. He had known for a while now that he was, as the man said, "properly attuned" - something he had kept to himself - though perhaps his love of ghost-type Pokemon had made it somewhat obvious to an outsider looking in. However, it hadn't been since he had stayed with the monks in Northern Sinnoh that others had recognized this within him. Despite having had this "ability" for years, it still wasn't something he personally completely understood, and more often than not, it seemed as though the others who could sense it within him had a better understanding of it than he did. Aside from the monks, his Pokemon were the only other ones who knew that fully awakening, understanding, and mastering this... "power", for lack of a better term, was, in fact, an important part of Hiero's journey as a Pokemon Trainer.

The old man continued to stare at Hiero, the sound of a train approaching in the distance. Yes - a normal individual would have thought the man to be insane, but deep within Hiero, he could sense it within him as well: this was not an ordinary man.

He recalled his Phanpy, Izuku, into his Pokeball with a deadpan look on his face. He wasn't entirely sure if this was the right decision - logic dictated that it wasn't - but he could feel something. This... it felt right. Hiero understood the man. This was not a joke, nor was he insane. He took a deep breath, walked beside the man, and sat next to him on the track cross-legged, his palms open and face up in his lap, mimicking the man's pose. He exhaled. He didn't know what as about to happen, but he knew deep within himself that this was the right answer.

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