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And I am not going to carry you. You're here to give me children, not act like children.” Momo is speechless for a moment, he is used to rejection but the part where apparently this Vaporeon thinks he is here to give her a child left him bewildered. The only thing he had been told was that this was an Eevee party and that there would be apples, which after taking a quick glance around the room he can see that the ladder is not the case. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that this entire thing was most likely another one of his trainer’s misunderstandings, either way, he doesn’t care. As long as he is held, he is happy. At this point, Patches’ other Eevee family Pokemon have also figured it out, Patches though, not so much.

Patches’ eye is twitching as she listens to Tate explain the genealogical history of their Vaporeon before finally pausing. “Uh… I see… Well um… My Eevee’s all really like DNA so I guess that’s a plus?” She’s not entirely sure where that explanation came from and why they’re talking about offspring but she was happy that Tate wanted to be open with her about their Pokemon’s personal life. “We're willing to reimburse you for your time if need be. Kai has the, uh... mommy bug, so I'm just hoping she meets someone she hits it off with well enough to make for a sire, y'know? She damn near tore my arm off last time we went to the Hatchery!” And that is when Patches is given her answer. “Oh! That’s so cute! I hope she finds someone too, I bet she’d make a great mom.” She still doesn’t really think about the fact that she has two eligible Pokemon in this room and that Tate was referring to the fact that she might hit it off with one of them but at least she has a better understanding of the situation. “So anyway, where are these apples that were promised in the ad?”

At this point, Momo has forcefully climbed onto Rika’s back and is now laying on his belly with his legs draped on either side. Rika is used to it at this point so she just lets him be for now. Kiku had heard Momo being rejected and is floating in the pool while giggling to himself about it. “Are you coming? We're all waiting.” That’s when Kiku’s giggling stops and Momo’s ears momentarily twitch. Rika is now amused, she knows that Kai was probably not speaking to her but also knows that at least one of the boys she just spoke to is probably going to have an interesting reaction. Momo doesn’t respond at all, he is pretty content with where he is. Since Rika now finds this amusing, she walks over to Kai and sits down, causing Momo to slowly slide down her back, landing back on the floor where he is now laying, pancaked with his legs spread out. “Ugh, this is just great...” He says before Rika stands back up and walks back over to the Flareon, leaving Momo laying there.

Hana shyly comes out from behind her trainer’s legs. She doesn’t want to feel left out and needs to learn how to be brave around others. She still stays close to Patches but is out where everyone can see her. Kiku had been listening to everything the entire time, he had found it pretty funny when Momo was told he was acting like a child but after seeing that Kai wants everyone to go over there just because she says so makes him decide that he needs to show that he does what he wants whenever he wants. He climbs out of the pool with large puffy cheeks, not bothering to shake the water out of his fur causing large amounts of it to drip all over the floor as he enthusiastically trots over and sits directly in front of Kai. That’s when the reason for his puffy cheeks becomes known as he squirts a stream of water out of his mouth and right at Kai’s face. After his mouth is empty, that is when he puts a big smug grin on his face and decides to speak. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Kiku.”

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