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Gary awoke the next day and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. It had been a long night the night before with a meeting full of unexpected guests. The plot with the suspicious casino and missing Pokemon was a heavy one, but it was on the back of Gary’s mind now as he had a growing stable of hungry Pokemon that needed to be fed. He changed into his swimming trunks and a long-sleeved dry suit top and pulled back the curtain on his bedroom window. The sun shined in brightly and he looked around the room. Typhu the Typhlosion lay curled up on the flame-print rug and Espy the Espeon lay at the foot of his bed. “Rise ‘n shine, guys!” he greeted with a smile.

Heading out of his bedroom and into the living room, Gary walked over to the kitchen. Pulling a wide assortment of food to cater to a vast variety of species, Gary left some bales of hay and bowls of leaves for the herbivores, a bowl of mineral-rich rocks for his Larvitar, fruit for the omnivores, and some ground beef for his carnivores. “Food’s ready!” he called out, and on cue a number of Pokemon trickled out of the other room in the back, including a Stantler, Sneasel, Smeargle, and Charizard.

Gary then headed across the hallway into the aquarium room. A Blastoise, Golduck, and Slowpoke had just left the large fountain in the middle and had walked past Gary on their way into the kitchen. With the fountain Pokemon taken care of, Gary walked past the fountain paying it no heed. As Gary approached the large aquarium tank, he smiled as he observed the fish swimming around. There was a Mantine, Alomomola, Kingdra, and Chinchou. “Wait, where’s Pickle?” Gary asked. Sensei the Alomomola swam down to Gary’s eye level on the other side of the glass before swimming over to a rock formation in the back. Alarm instantly swept over Gary out of concern for his young sea cucumber. “I can’t see, is she okay?” he asked to have Sensei nod in response. “Alright, let’s get in there and see what—”

There was a brief knock on the door which interrupted Gary’s train of thought. “Oh shoot, who could it be? Hang on a sec, guys…” Gary hurried over to the front door and opened it. Before him stood a Pelipper with a parcel in its mouth. “Oh! The delivery is here! Prefect, thank you.” Gary grinned and signed the delivery bill which he handed to the Pelipper, who took it and flapped away. Taking the package inside, Gary closed the door and walked over to his desk. “This is perfect timing, guys,” he called out to the Pokemon in the aquarium, “I’ve got a new friend for you to meet.” Gary opened the package, revealing a lone Pokeball that was insulated in padding. Pulling it out, Gary took it and walked past the fountain once again, not noticing the small ripple on the surface of the water.
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