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Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oubliés

Staryu and Munchlax rush to see what's going on in the bushes, and you're left with no choice but to follow, despite this very much being not your problem. Combing through the brambles and the branches, what you find is a little grotesque: one of the gourd-like eggs has been burst open, and two jet-black Rattata are feeding on the mushy innards. Three more are trying to get to the rest of the clutch, but the parents are working valiantly to fend them off, even as their lost egg is drug further away by the two feeding upon it. They swing their wispy, hair-like vines at the rodents, who gnash their teeth in return. The Gourgeist shriek in unearthly tones and the Rattata screech and hiss. The two that feed make sloppy, wet noises, and their claws scrape loudly on the egg casing. The symphony of sounds is eclectic and overwhelming and perhaps a bit nauseating to boot.

The large male tries to drive them off with a Shadow Ball, but though it hits two of the three, it doesn't seem to do much damage. The Gourgeist, however, do not seem to fare very well against the many Bites they are suffering at the hands of their assailants. The female takes a particularly bad Crunch and collapses, breathing hard. In fear for his mate, the male performs a Pain Split, but this leaves him quite worse for wear as well, and he still has to fight to defend his clutch.

Odds are, they will not be able to defend their nest alone for much longer. The Rattata have them outnumbered, and have the type advantage. You could help them, but you're right -- it isn't your problem. What will you do?
The sight makes his stomach turn in disgust and shock - nature at its very worst, a pack of black Rattata (a plague Rorik believed endemic only to Alola) were feasting on the Gougeists' eggs... feeding on unborn children. Yes, natural selection worked that way as so many articles had taught him, but those didn't come with grotesque depictions such as the one he was now forced to witness. And yet, he seemed to be the only one flinching.

The severely outmatched Gourgeist were fighting for their lives and that of their future children, and by doing so, found themselves on the brink of utter defeat; the much smaller Rattata didn't falter against the much larger opponents, thoroughly reliant on their number and type advantages to stand up to the colossi; and even Munchlax and Staryu seemed unfazed by this sorry state of affairs, with no intention of backing away from it all!

Five of those ravenous, disease-ridden rodents... two of those otherworldly possessed pumpkins... what the hell are they thinking sticking their noses in that kind of business? Why won't they listen to reason?

He'd briefly considered a heroic attempt at combat if there had only been a single foe to contend with. Best case scenario, there were five times that number, and that was if the Gourgeist stopped seeing him as a threat as well. He was not prepared for this kind of heroism - he wanted out.

And still, despite his cowardice, neither of his partners shared the sentiment. Even Munchlax, who should've gone crazy at the sight of those eggs ripe for the picking - one of which already cracked open and everything! -, seemed overpowered by some kind of resolve Rorik never knew he possessed. Was that... the effect of Champion Gottfried's training? The bear did belong to him at first...

If that was the case, well, our noble Champion might as well have taught that idiot the benefits of picking one's battles!

The battle raged on, with the Rattata quickly overwhelming the Ghost-Type protectors of their future meal. If allowed to run its course, natural order would no doubt benefit the predators. And that, in turn, meant the next generation of Pumpkaboo would never be born, and the two zealous Gourgeist would never be parents. For some reason, that impending loss resonated with Rorik's Pokémon...

Exchanging a quick glance, Mucnhlax and Staryu made up their minds. THey knew they couldn't rely on their Trainer for this, but something compelled them to do the right thing, and that was even the odds. Jumping from their position to stand between the Rattata and the exhausted Gourgeist, both Pokémon then charged simultaneously, each readying for a Tackle that hopefully would be strong enough to dissuade the smaller attackers!
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