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The light in the distance has peeked your interest, what could it possibly be? You had not realised how far the light actually was until you began to draw closer, which is also when you noticed the oddity surrounding the light. It was a brilliant purple, shimmering brightly in the pale light of the graveyard against the harsh darkness of the rest of the atmosphere. However, the brilliant light also gave way to a hunched over figure carrying whatever was producing it. Upon closer inspection you realised it wasn't actually something that was hunched over... but rather something that was short, particularly short --- perhaps because the figure actually belonged to a child. Seeing a child alone wasn't actually that alarming, you would normally see all sorts of children of various age groups travelling with their Pokemon, the concerning part was that the girl seemingly had no such creatures with her. You felt like perhaps the young girl had gotten lost while playing, and if so perhaps it was in your best interest to help her?

You gave your Mawile the bouquet after setting her gently back on the ground, moving closer to the young girl. You didn't want to move too quickly, as you were afraid any extremely quick motion might startle the young girl. The young girl was staring into a large hole, so you slowly approached her from one side and bent down to be level with the young girl. The girl didn't seem to move, but you could hear her light and raspy breaths. you spoke to the young girl, but got nothing in response. Her breathing didn't even change to acknowledge that she had maybe heard you, her eyes remained glued to whatever was in that hole. It was weird, that was for sure. Especially considering that the hole was completely empty.

Sure, it kind of looked like a grave --- but it was far too old to be of any sort of concern. It actually looked like it had been dug many years ago and just abandoned here without ever housing a body, maybe the young girl had stumbled upon it and was too anxious because she had almost fallen inside it? It was rather hard to say. You reached out towards her, attempting to touch the rod in her hands. Although she had been motionless and quiet, you simply touching the rod caused her hands to tense up and her breathing to quicken.

"" She began, starting to shake. It looked like there were tears beginning to form in her eyes. "No... touch..." She turned very slowly to look at you, her eyes were sunken into their sockets, greying and almost lifeless in a way. "It... bad..." She murmured to herself, continuing to tighten her grip on the lantern. You glanced down at her hands for the first time, you noticed that her small hands which were whitening around the knuckles due to how tight her grip is were glowing purple around the wrists, almost appearing as though she was chained to the rod. It was as if she was being Imprisoned by an invisible force. Actually, the little girl was beginning to look weaker. Her posture was becoming more and more slouched and it looked like she could fall into the hole at any moment. Meanwhile, the candle was beginning to glow brighter and brighter with each passing second.

It seems like something is very wrong with this little girl, should you help somehow? What do you do?

Strange. The hole was empty, not even containing a coffin like Athena expected. Even stranger, the hole didn’t seem fresh despite the shovel at the girl’s side. And the strangest was that the girl wasn’t responsive at all.

“Are you ok?” Athena addressed the girl. “My name is Athena, what’s your name?” In any other context, she might’ve thought the girl was just shy, but the blank look on her face was concerning. She looked up towards the lantern, wondering what made the fire an eerie purple. Slowly, she lifted her hand to touch it in curiosity.

“N…no…” The girl struggled to get out. Athena drew back her hand and breathed a sharp intake. The child turned to look at her and Athena couldn’t help but gasp. An otherworldly chain was locked tight around her small wrists, and it seemed to be draining her energy, fast. The purple flame that swung in the lantern above them grew larger, and the girl was getting dangerously close to the edge of the hole.

“Eclair,” Athena called, trying not to let her panic show in her voice. “Come here. Come help.”

The Mawile, who had been surveying the surrounding area with caution, placed the bouquet on the ground and ran to her trainer’s side. She recognized the danger immediately, baring the fangs on the back of her head Intimidatingly at the candle in the lantern.

“On my signal, blow that fire out with a Fairy Wind,” the trainer directed, keeping her voice low. She placed her hands in front of the girl protectively to catch her if she were to fall. Making eye contact with her Pokemon, Athena nodded. “Now!”


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