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Your scientific curiosity is rivalled only by your sense of paranoia. After giving Munchlax a stern lecture on eating the unborn, you call forth Staryu, hoping its otherworldly abilities might help you suss out what is going on around you. The nameless, faceless being stands in the middle of the cemetery, motionless as it considers its surroundings; then, all at once, it leaps away, and a second later, you see why when thick tendrils of wispy, hair-like tendrils strike the ground right where it had stood a moment ago. There’s a colossal thud as --seemingly out of nowhere -- a massive gourd-like creature lands on the ground only a yard or two in front of you and your Pokémon: a super-sized Gourgeist! And boy-howdy, does he look pissed.

It yells something you cannot understand -- you don’t speak Pokémon language, after all -- and waddles his way towards you with eerie, weaving steps. The strange, hand-like tufts of ‘hair’ on his head are raised menacingly, and he clearly means nothing good for you, but the cause for his aggression becomes a bit more evident when a second Gourgeist -- this one smaller, and carrying a bunch of Pecha berries in her ‘arms’ -- appears o the edge of a nearby treeline. As the large male pushes you back, away from the Belue Berry bushes, she makes a break for it, rushing into the brambles towards where you had seen the nest -- could it be? The eggs are theirs! No wonder they aren’t happy to see you; they think you’re here for their children! The male continues to advance upon you, but stops when a high pitched screech from the bushes catches his attention -- it sounds like something is distressing his mate, and quite severely. For half a second he states you down, and then decides whatever has upset her takes precedence over you, and rushes into the bushes as well, where a terrible commotion has begun to ensue. You can hear her horrified shrieks, and his baritone bellows, and well as what sounds like the chitter of many tiny teeth. What Will you do?
"Oh my... OH MY!"

Calling this a huge miscalculation would be an understatement. Not only did the eggs indeed have caretakers, it turned out they were just around the corner, and the whole situation devolved into a massive misunderstanding!
The sight of a giant Gourgeist making a beeline for him was, simply put, the scariest thing Rorik had yet seen in his short-lived life as a traveler; even if more horrid sights were to come, the vision of that ghost advancing towards him was immediately burned into his mind.

Far from the bravest man in the world, Rorik instinctively stepped backwards with every step forward of the super-sized Gourgeist, while Munchlax rolled his eyes. Just how clueless could his Trainer be? Rorik always took him for the idiot one, but the "expert in bonds" hadn't even remembered to give him a proper name, let alone ask Munchlax to protect him...

Deciding it was better to step in before the silly man got hurt, Munchlax began to gather burning energy in his mouth, prepared to unleash his recently-perfected Flamethrower... but just then, the Gourgeist stopped advancing!

"Wh-what's this?..."

Noise and commotion came from behind the Belue Berry bush from where he'd just been shooed away from, and clearly, the Gourgeist was just as surprised as Rorik was. Visibly worried for its partner and its eggs, the Ghost-Type shifted its focus back to its nest and mercifully retreated.

"Oh thank Arceus... Come you two, let's get out of here at once! This place is dange.... what are you doing?!"

Ignoring Rorik's cowardly command, Munchlax and Staryu - rarely, if ever, on the same page up until that point - exchanged a glance and decided to approach the bush, the Water-Type providing lighting with its gem while the more physically-inclined bear cautiously peeked back inside the bush to see what was going on.

Is this... solidarity between Pokémon? Why aren't they fleeing? This... isn't our problem...

Professor Pine would have much rather let nature run its course and walk his way back towards safer ground, but he didn't want to create a rift between himself and his partners, whom he was yet to understand even slightly. Fine, if they wanted to get involved he might as well be there to give them whatever little backup he could provide.

What will happen if we're forced to fight something? I've never been in a battle my entire life... can those two handle it?!
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