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134: You begin to wander aimlessly into jungle. With 12 hours on the clock, you keep a close eye on your compass to make sure you can get back to the coast your boat landed on. Your captain for the journey seemed to be a native man who didn't talk too much. When you told him you were coming here without a guide, he seemed alarmed. Yet, he still took your money and dropped you off.

You wander through the jungle for a good hour or two, with Kai staying close by you. The canopy seems endless above you and the jungle heat starts to hit you a little bit. You're happy to see that your shorts fit in with your surroundings. While there sure is a lot of green, you're also wading through plenty of bright flowers. The jungle is pleasant place to be - ignoring, of course, the nigh unbearable heat and the constant shrieking sounds of the jungle. You listen carefully to them, trying to pick out any particular birds, but alas, they seem too scattered. Your focus drifts back to the path before you - wait, there's a path?

You step out of the weeds into a well worn path of packed dirt. Around you, you see it stretches on for a bit before turning into the jungle. And on a nearby tree, you see a symbol etched into the wood: A fish with three ovals intersecting the main island, all with a tight circle around it and 3 lines stretching upwards. The carvings don't seem to have rotted into the wood yet. With unease setting in, what will you do?

Fingertips tracing the carving, Tate's eyes light up. Looking to Kai, a grin splitting the pale and freckled features of a slightly sunburnt face, the trainer looks ecstatic.

"I'd heard there were native peoples on these islets," Tate breathes to the Vaporeon. "Who broke off from the main islands a long time ago. Do you think they still speak the indigenous language fluently? I don't know much about Minnao. I wonder if it's in the same language family as Alolan? Poly-... hey!"

Tate yelps as Kai whacks her trainer with a thick, muscular tail. The Vaporeon has heard quite enough of the near fanatic adulation over the Alolan archipelago over the years, and unlike Tate, Kai is put at unease by the bizarre carving and strange, tamped earth in an otherwise untouched forest. She'd rather Tate focus on the matter at hand. Bending down to rub a bruised calf, Tate pouts.

"I'd like to try and find whoever made this," Tate suggests, with no sense of danger in mind. Kai seems skeptical. What if whoever made it isn't friendly? What if they're out for blood? Tate's already pulled away to photograph the carving using the ever-handy PokeGear, however. Once that was done, Tate removed a Luxury Ball from a brass clip on the woven belt laced through the loops of the salmon cargo shorts hanging from chubby hips, and expanded it, releasing from its confines an oddly-colored Rowlet who seemed to glitter in the sunlight.

"Uhane!" Tate greeted, as the Rowlet landed on the trainer's left forearm. Tate minimized the ball, and reattached it to its clip. "Do me a favor? Fly up high, and see if you can see any signs of people."

Cooing plainly in acknowledgement, Uhane beat her stubby wings fervently in order to generate the lift needed to take flight, slowly ascending above the treeline; it was grunt work, but at least she wasn't getting shocked.


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