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Sandaa - [Update Music] + Heavy Storm


The sound of thunder exploded in the air as lightning cracked, striking a mangrove tree not too far from where you were, splitting it right in two. The rain was pouring at its hardest yet; A thick blanket of silver fell from the sky, painting everything in its path, continuing to drench you, the Pokemon, and your surroundings. The marshes were filling up quickly and spilling over formerly dry land, flooding, and in some cases, connecting to form a super-sized swamp. The Leaf Tornado slowly petered out and came to a halt, the leaves that were once within eventually all falling from the air and coating the wet, muddy earth below. Kratos was dripping wet, but that was fine - this was the kind of weather that he thrived in. He looked fairly beat up from the attack, the leaves having clearly left their mark on the duck Pokemon. He shot you a glance - and another thumbs up, this time while clearly biting his tongue and choking back pain.

With the command given as the enemy continued to Ingrain itself, Kratos' eyes glowed blue as he lifted his open hands outward toward the Carnivine, enveloping it in a blue aura. The Golduck then clenched his hands shut, Disabling the Carnivine from being able to use its Leaf Tornado again. A look of extreme frustration spreaded across the Venus Flytrap Pokemon's face as it sat still realizing that it was no longer able to whip forth another Leaf Tornado.

And then, something odd happened - a sinister look crept across the Carnivine's demeanor. Wasting no time, Golduck retaliated with a powerful Blizzard, deciding to try to put an end to whatever the grass-type was planning before it had the chance to do it. The air grew frigid, and the pouring rain turned to snow and ice as Kratos took a deep breath, puffed out his chest, and exhaled a strong breeze from his lungs, aiming his Blizzard directly at the enemy.

Except, that's how things should have played out, but they didn't.

As Kratos went to release his energy, something happened. The duck Pokemon was suddenly yanked into the mud below him, immediately sinking waist deep into the Earth as the Carnivine, still Ingraining itself, had managed to Bind one of its tendrils around the Golduck's feet from underneath the soil, giving it a grip solid enough to pull the Pokemon under. Kratos, shocked from having not seen the attack coming, immediately bellowed forth what energy it had gathered, and blustered a bevy of ice and snow directly at the Carnivine, causing the Pokemon to take massive damage. Both of the plant Pokemon's leafy arms were frozen solid - there was no way it was going to continue to battle much longer in that condition.

However, the Pokemon, despite being exhausted and seriously injured, refused to give in, still hungry for its meal. No matter what, it seemed intent on not letting go of its grip on Kratos, who was still struggling to free himself within the mud. The Carnivine slowly lifted itself out of the ground and gradually approached the scrambling Golduck. The vine that had initially wrapped itself around the Golduck's leg in a Bind had slithered it's way up to the Golduck's waist with a firmer grip while the Pokemon fought to escape from the heavy mud that it was encased in, taking a bit more damage from the enemy's Bind attack. The Venus Flytrap Pokemon now stood just feet away from the evolved Psyduck, and proceeded to use its remaining vines to unleash a super-effective Vine Whip onto Kratos at point blank range with three swift strikes across the face.

Both Pokemon looked to be at their limit - this battle was not going to continue much longer. This fight was now down to a test of endurance.
As the battle against the enraged Carnivine carried on, Gary smiled at the prospect of the plant locking its roots into place with its Ingrain. A flash of lightning lit up the entire marsh and was quickly followed by a loud crack of thunder. Gary would have jumped out of his shoes due to how close by the source sounded, if he weren’t so focused on the battle at hand. A shiver went down his spine as he glanced over and saw the smoldering remains of a tree that was there moments ago. The saying goes that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but Gary didn’t feel like putting that adage to the test. The sooner Kratos wrapped up this battle, the sooner he could get out of here.

Kratos started things off by Disabling the Carnivine from using another Leaf Tornado. As the Venus Flytrap looked around in confusion, Gary couldn’t help but smile. However, as the plant looked as if it had a trick up its sleeve, Kratos wasted no time in blowing a powerful Blizzard its way. Unfortunately for Kratos, the Carnivine seemed to Bind him with its vines and then uprooted itself to hit him with a Vine Whip. Shit, can it do that? Gary muttered to himself, annoyed. Kratos and the Carnivine both appeared to be near the end of their ropes.

Thinking to himself for a quick moment, Gary called out a strategy to Kratos. “Kratos, let’s disorient it with a Confuse Ray! After that, follow it up with an Ice Beam!” As Kratos nodded slowly, Gary prayed that this would be enough to finally put the hungry plant down.
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