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Ever Oasis
When I first started playing this, I was actually surprised. It was really fun. There was alot to keep me interested, and the developers tried to add some features to remove the tedium from build-your-town type games. The good thing is that the town building is less than half of the game. The rest of it is going out and killing shit and collecting items. The combat is fun. There's also alot of puzzles that require certain town members to solve. I spent the first couple of days enjoying the hell out of myself. Sadly it starts to become really repetitive and tedious. Thankfully it takes until late into the game for the tedium to strike. The water spirit is really cute.

Freedom Planet
It has been a while since I played a Sonic game, and what better source than a Sonic-style indie game? Especially since Forces seems like it'll be really silly (I still might pick it up anyway). I mean I haven't really fully beaten it. I beat it with Lilac, but I need to do it with the other two characters. For the most part, it's a pretty fun game. I'm not good enough to quite get the required speed rush from the stages, but even then it's nice. There's more to it than just running around and platforming. It throws in some puzzles and battles to make it a little more than a Sonic clone. The difficulty is also just right. Most of the battles seem really daunting at first, but when you figure out how to handle the boss/stage, it's actually pretty reasonable. Until you figure out how to handle the boss/stage, it will seem unfair. Gameplay is solid, but story.....not so much. In that aspect, it's just Deviantart the Game. I mean, I like Lilac. She's a strange, fluffy, dog-nosed dragon with no scales, but she's alright. It's kind of sad she was originally a Sonic OC, but I can overlook that! Anyway, excellent game if you can overlook the blah story.
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