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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Jerichi: Having decided to take the quicker route, you call upon some assistance, Tenki happily deciding to aid you along your way. The Castform takes a moment to gather himself, before his body begins to pulse with a pale blue energy. With an eager motion, Tenki begins to dance left and right, dispersing the energies gathering around his body into the surrounding air and watching on with glee as dark clouds begin to rumble over the mountains, gathering overhead before unleashing their deluge. Carson seems unperturbed by this, the man simply allowing himself to get wet, but he seemed preoccupied with your question. He was clearly deep in thought, but as he seems to turn to answer you, his eyes go wide with fear. Raindrops continue to hammer down around you, muffling his voice somewhat, but you can see that there is a distinct terror hanging around him. Turning to face whatever it was that was catching Carson's eye, you notice something which simultaneously baffles and frightens you.

Looming over a nearby mountaintop, eyes glaring directly at your small group, was an enormous green head. Jagged, rock like struts jut from the body of the colossal titan as it heaves itself up over the nearby peak, a guttural roar echoing through the air and causing the space around you to tremble, even at this distance. While much, much larger than any normal specimen, there was no doubt about what was facing you down, and clearly ready to give chase. A Tyranitar. Behind you ,you hear wet footsteps begin to slap at the wet rock beneath, and Carson yells as loud as he can over the deluge.

When Jeri asked about the threat, looming over the path of his choice, he was expecting the response to be something along the lines of trainers waiting to ambush them or bothersome Pokémon who did not like to be disturbed. A monster of this size and scale was not what he was expecting. As the beast reared its ugly head and approached, he swore to himself for having enough hubris to assume that the tougher path would be a breeze. And, on top of all that, in retrospect, it probably wasn't a good idea to summon a rainstorm (after all, didn't he get himself in this situation by getting unpleasantly wet as it was?). But he had to work with what he had, and do so while running at full speed.

"Tenki!" he called, summoning the Castform to him while he reached into his pack to pull out a Mystic Water. He pulled the Silk Scarf off the Castform's neck and instead slung the vial around it, hastily stashing the scarf back in his backpack, trying not to soak the other contents in the process.

"Give us a little bit of cover, friend! Hit him with a Flash, and then go for a Weather Ball!"

Hoping that the little water blob could hold off the raging beast, he put all his effort into running ahead and not slipping on the slick ground, all while wishing in the back of his head that he had summoned a Sunny Day instead of a rainstorm.

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