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Contrary to Captain Gatt’s orders, you decide to take matters into your own hands – after all, a hostage situation being handled by the local authorities as a mission of critical importance is just the kind of thing a young Trainer with a Mawile and Scraggy should get involved in all by herself.

The building is well in sight: the Finne-Can factory, a massive white warehouse of sorts where the criminal is holed up along with some twenty people. If provoked, if negotiations fail or an infiltratrion attempt is thwarted, who knows what the fate of those hostages might be… Still, with a resolute heart, you intend to move forward with your little rogue operation and succeed where the police are so far failing.

Maneuvering around the Bullarum Industrial Complex with care proves a relatively easy task: you move from cover to cover, on the lookout for any projectiles, but none come. It may well be that the criminal’s attention is entirely turned towards the police force outside the building, and since you’ve taken a different route, there’s no way he or she can keep tabs on both fronts at the same time.
After a short while, you’re on the factory’s vicinity, which allows you to survey the warehouse’s structure up close from behind a large crate and plan an infiltration route. You are facing the left wall of the two-story-high building, with Captain Gatt’s forces located near the factory’s front door quite a distance away. The multiple windows lining both floors are easily wide enough to let a person through, but alas, they all seem to be shut; the first-floor windows are slightly out of reach relative to your height, but a boost of some kind could get you high enough to enter, if any of them were open…

You survey your surroundings, looking for alternatives. From your location, you can’t spot any cracks on the wall or accessible air vents. If you turn right, you’ll eventually run back into Gatt facing the front wall; if you head left, you’ll end up reaching the factory’s back wall, but the way there is notoriously lacking in crates, unit load devices or cargo pallets to hide behind on your way there, leaving you relatively exposed while moving about.

It seems getting inside the Finne-Can Factory won’t be without its risks. Glass windows are breakable, but what about the noise? You can try and circumvent the rest of the building, but what about your cover? You can try the front door, but what about Gatt and the criminal’s watchful eyes?
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