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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Median Dia: As soon as you ask about any sort of oath of secrecy, Simon opens his mouth, clearly looking to protest once again, but Angelica quickly ducks down to deliver an elbow to his side, leaving the boy reeling away and doubled over. Celia, used to such antics from the pair, simply giggles at the spectacle, and Angelica takes a moment to correct her hair before turning back towards you with a fairly radiant smile.

"No, no oath of secrecy needed at all. It's not even that secret a spot, if I'm totally honest. Simon just likes to take everything to the extreme, you know. Bit of a child."

The last sentence is said in a somewhat hushed tone, intended for Simon not to hear, but the boy burns crimson red from embarrassment at the hands of his sister, quickly spurting out an annoyed declaration of how he heard what she said before stomping off along the river. Celia chuckles at this behaiour once again as Angelica goes running off after her brother laughing, the pair evidently having quite a strong relationship despite their clashes. At this, Celia indicates for you to follow along, and your group heads further along the river. Eventually, you find yourself branching off into the surrounding trees, and yet somehow the sound of running water doesn't diminish at all. As you move further into the trees, you understand why - the secret spot that the kids were talking of was more than likely one of the many tributaries which fed into the larger river. However, before you can confirm this suspicion, you and Celia bump into SImon and Angelica - who had, for some reason, stopped short. Turning to you, Simon has a clearly disgruntled look.

"Uh .. we can hear voices up ahead. At our spot. We're not sure what to do, so we figured we'd wait for you guys ..."
The twins' perpetual slapstick routine, humorous as it was, did make Ami wonder whether Simon was actually feeling his sister's blows that much or was faking a good chunk of it. Surely this had been going on long enough for him to have gotten used to it, right? Well, that wasn't really all that important, it seems. At the very least, she doubted that he was faking his blush of embarrassment when Angelica called him a child.

"Hey, that's still better than being a broken old man!" the newcomer teased as Simon ran on ahead. His sister was quick to follow him, and the pair laughed together as if they were never at odds. "They seem to be pretty happy with each other," she said to nobody in particular, glad to be witnessing the group's camaraderie firsthand.

The scenery changed as the group broke away from the river, though the sounds of the natural world didn't. As much as the rocks were a little annoying to deal with if you weren't used to them, Ami couldn't help but feel that there was a serene air about the place that few of the forests she had visited beforehand could replicate. "You know, the trees here are pretty different from those back on the mainland. They're thinner, but that probably means that they're more flexible- I'd imagine that they have to deal with more stress up her- oof!" Her moment of thinking aloud was cut short when she accidentally walked into Angelica. She quickly took a couple steps back and apologized.

Simon was definitely a bit spooked by something else entirely and explained that there were voices coming from their spot. "Have heard anything they were saying?" Ami asked. How they react should be based on what these other people are up to, and she wanted to have a good idea of that. If needed, she was prepared to sneak ahead slightly to hear them better herself and plan from there.

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