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The light in the distance has peeked your interest, what could it possibly be? You had not realised how far the light actually was until you began to draw closer, which is also when you noticed the oddity surrounding the light. It was a brilliant purple, shimmering brightly in the pale light of the graveyard against the harsh darkness of the rest of the atmosphere. However, the brilliant light also gave way to a hunched over figure carrying whatever was producing it. Upon closer inspection you realised it wasn't actually something that was hunched over... but rather something that was short, particularly short --- perhaps because the figure actually belonged to a child. Seeing a child alone wasn't actually that alarming, you would normally see all sorts of children of various age groups travelling with their Pokemon, the concerning part was that the girl seemingly had no such creatures with her. You felt like perhaps the young girl had gotten lost while playing, and if so perhaps it was in your best interest to help her?

You gave your Mawile the bouquet after setting her gently back on the ground, moving closer to the young girl. You didn't want to move too quickly, as you were afraid any extremely quick motion might startle the young girl. The young girl was staring into a large hole, so you slowly approached her from one side and bent down to be level with the young girl. The girl didn't seem to move, but you could hear her light and raspy breaths. you spoke to the young girl, but got nothing in response. Her breathing didn't even change to acknowledge that she had maybe heard you, her eyes remained glued to whatever was in that hole. It was weird, that was for sure. Especially considering that the hole was completely empty.

Sure, it kind of looked like a grave --- but it was far too old to be of any sort of concern. It actually looked like it had been dug many years ago and just abandoned here without ever housing a body, maybe the young girl had stumbled upon it and was too anxious because she had almost fallen inside it? It was rather hard to say. You reached out towards her, attempting to touch the rod in her hands. Although she had been motionless and quiet, you simply touching the rod caused her hands to tense up and her breathing to quicken.

"" She began, starting to shake. It looked like there were tears beginning to form in her eyes. "No... touch..." She turned very slowly to look at you, her eyes were sunken into their sockets, greying and almost lifeless in a way. "It... bad..." She murmured to herself, continuing to tighten her grip on the lantern. You glanced down at her hands for the first time, you noticed that her small hands which were whitening around the knuckles due to how tight her grip is were glowing purple around the wrists, almost appearing as though she was chained to the rod. It was as if she was being Imprisoned by an invisible force. Actually, the little girl was beginning to look weaker. Her posture was becoming more and more slouched and it looked like she could fall into the hole at any moment. Meanwhile, the candle was beginning to glow brighter and brighter with each passing second.

It seems like something is very wrong with this little girl, should you help somehow? What do you do?


Your mind was reeling, you jumped into action insanely fast --- not even bothering to think about the possible consequences. You began crawling on your hands and knees, rushing through the makeshift burrow to save all the Pokemon that had become trapped inside during the onslaught. Luckily for you, it seemed that some of the stronger residents were doing that job for you. A Nidoran nodded towards you and your Pokemon as it made it's may out of the burrow, two much smaller and more defenceless Pokemon riding on it's back. That was when you caught sight of Croagunk, he must have been the leader of the bunch, fighting valiantly for his family. The only issue was, he was vastly outnumbered. Three snakes crowded him, causing the Croagunk to huff with exhaustion. He was smart, targeting the center snake --- seemingly their leader. His thinking was sound, eliminate the leader in order to make the others flee. Unfortunately for him, the Pokemon seemed well aware of this and had began to attack him mercilessly.

You noticed the Croagunk struggling, commanding your Pokemon with ease to lead them into attack. The snakes in question were long, the leader in particular was large and in charge. He was a darker purple than the others, with a large crest like neck. You realised that the centre snake was actually a rather threatening Arbok, while it's two companions were simply the lesser form known as Ekans. DTM and Tengu each ran towards their own respective Ekans, with Oisin running up to help DTM. The Croagunk glanced to the side, it looked like he appreciated the help. Oisin saw how worn he looked and shoved him out of the way, taking on the challenge of facing the Arbok by himself. Each Pokemon began with a tackle, all except Tengu who began to Bide his time, all hitting their respective targets and causing them to hiss slightly. Tengu in particular was fighting valiantly, images of that cute little Oddish flashing through his mind. He had to win this, she deserved to feel safe in her home.

The two Ekans each hissed loudly, the left Ekans let out a piercing Screech that blasted Tengu's ears. The right Ekans that DTM was facing off against Glared at her with malicious intent, she felt her body grow sluggish and frightened. She was finding it harder to move as she stared down the snake. The Arbok laughed at the Deerling's foolishness, the tackle barely seemed to make a dent in it's rough skin, especially because Oisin seemed particularly Intimidated by the sheer size of the creature. The Arbok let out a loud choking sound and blasted a ball of Acid at Oisin, the Deerling took a few steps back upon taking the hit considering it had done a significant amount of damage due to his grass typing.

All the snakes are still looking pretty well off, you may want to think carefully about your next moves. What do you do?


Centre stage, in front of everyone. These people wanted a performance and they were waiting for you to provide them with one, there were so many sets of eyes out there that you couldn't make out. So many people that you didn't want to disappoint, and you were determined to not be a failure. You approached the mic, tapping it a few times for effect before clearing your throat. This was your moment, your time to shine. You opened your mouth as the music began to play and-

Oh god.

Piles of undigested spaghetti began to pour from your mouth, you cupped your hands to your mouth hoping to contain it. The crowd had turned on you, their angry shouts muffled by the sound of your own profuse vomiting as the spaghetti poured from your mouth and onto the floor. The sound of the wet noodles slapping the stage floor was making your head spin, your tears mixed into the disgusting mixture of noodles and sauce in a weird array of soupy spillage. The world began to spin and shift around you, the darkness slowly began to consume your body as the world faded away. At that moment you were forcibly snapped back to reality, waking up from your horrible pasta filled nightmare on the bus. Thankfully, it looked like no one had seen you taking a snooze on the bus --- it was kind of a blessing, although the Munna that was currently drooling on your hair was the most pressing issue. At least she had eaten that awful dream, but now you had to face up to that in real life.

You loved attention, you could eat it up almost like your Munna had eaten your bad dream... but for some reason it made you freeze up having all eyes on you. It was odd, annoying, and kind of stupid. The bus slowly came to a halt, forcing you to take a deep breath and step off the bus. You looked around, during the day the place wasn't as lively as you had heard. The sun was beginning to set in the distance and you could see some people in costume beginning to set up a couple of tables and string lights. A theatre stage was beginning to be filled with various props while a young girl swept the floor, she was wearing as little clothing as she could get away with. A bra to cover her breasts, short purple sleeves, and low hanging pants that were seemingly too big. Her stomach and cleavage were fully visible, and she looked like she might be a performer for the area. The girl put down her broom, stepping off the stage and taking a second to stretch. Her long blonde hair was done into two elegant and wavy ponytails, hanging down near her lower half. The girl glanced behind her, noticing you gradually getting closer to the stage. A warm smile crossed her lips, approaching you.

"Hi there! Are you here for the show?" She asked, her voice sounded high pitched and young... it was possible she wasn't even an adult yet. Her cool icy blue eyes seemed to look into you, she was scanning every part of you --- until she noticed your sheet of paper with theatre auditions on it. "Oh!" She exclaimed. "I guess you're here for auditions then? I can take you to them if you'd like! They don't start till after dark, like most things around here." She gave another warm smile, something about her made you feel calm, and her perfume was making your head feel weird. Perhaps you should go with her?

What do you do?
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