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OOC: For legibility reasons, the color of Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oubliés has changed from DarkRed to IndianRed. Please format your replies accordingly; thank you!

Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oubliés

"I'm sorry to hear that," Amelie says, and though her tone is lilting and a bit distant, she does seem sincere. she continues the slow ascent up the hill, towards the house at the top, where you can see lights burning in some of the windows. As you walk, she continues her thoughts on the matter of love and loss, which prove to be rather nihilistic for such a young woman.

"I think," she begins, waving a gloved hand through the cold air. "Love is merely a fool's errand, anyway, Mr. Balmund, and I would think you and I are better off without it. Isn't that right, Yuki?"

Yuki giggles again, in her typical, eerie way, and drapes herself across the shoulders of her mistress, as if to soothe -- or perhaps claim for herself -- the broken maiden. Amelie layers a hand over one of Yuki's, and nuzzles the ghostly creature fondly. Her boots click on the porch steps as she makes her way up onto the sprawling deck, and for the first time you realize just how magnificent the house really is; her family must be well-to-do. Reaching for the doorknob, she looks back to her, and there is sadness in her eyes.

"No human has ever loved me for the person I am, Mr. Balmund," she says, gravely. Then the latch clicks, and you walk inside.

The first sensation which strikes you is warmth; sweet warmth. The furnace rumbles audibly in the basement, it's song echoing through the pipes and filling the house with it's sweet embrace. You can hear the clatter of cooking utensils coming from another room off of the den, which you have entered into, and after a beat a woman's voice can be heard over the din.

"Amelie, darling, is that you? I hadn't realized you had gone out," the voice coos. Amelie sighs.

"Yes, mama," she replies, as she removes her coat and hangs it on a hook by the door. The sound of tiny footsteps distracts you from Amelie, however, as a Smoochum comes running into the den, colliding happily with Amelie's calf. Amelie laughs, and kneels to give the little Ice-type a hug.

"Hello, Mimi," she greets, fondly. From her crouched position, she looks up at you, and for a moment she does look happy, evidently enjoying the company of Pokémon. "This is my mother's Pokémon, Mimi."

Amelie stands, and Mimi takes hold of the hem of her skirt, seemingly equally as fond, and guides you into the kitchen, where a woman who looks a great deal like herself -- albeit older -- is cooking eggs. There are already pancakes stacked on a tray, ready to be served, and freshly fried strips of bacon draining on a paper towel. Amelie clears her throat.

"Mama, I've brought a friend for breakfast."

Amelie's mother looks up, and for a moment her demeanor seems pleasant, but then she frowns, at roughly the instance she takes note of Iskra. She exhales through her nose, and turns back to her eggs, with an air that suggests she isn't pleased and a tone that cements it.

"You know your father likes it quiet in the morning," she clucks, in a way that suggests there's more to this than the suspicion you'll be a disruption. She casts a strange, almost pointed look at Yuki, and sets down her spatula, before picking up the tray of flapjacks and placing them in her daughter's hands. "Go. Set the table. Your father and brother will be down soon. And for goodness sake, keep that thing on its best behavior, won't you?"

Amelia frowns, but takes the tray, and turns towards the archway that joins the kitchen to the dining room, Yuki in tow. Mimi has fallen behind to stay with her trainer, sensing the tension. What will you do?
Your scientific curiosity is rivalled only by your sense of paranoia. After giving Munchlax a stern lecture on eating the unborn, you call forth Staryu, hoping its otherworldly abilities might help you suss out what is going on around you. The nameless, faceless being stands in the middle of the cemetery, motionless as it considers its surroundings; then, all at once, it leaps away, and a second later, you see why when thick tendrils of wispy, hair-like tendrils strike the ground right where it had stood a moment ago. There’s a colossal thud as --seemingly out of nowhere -- a massive gourd-like creature lands on the ground only a yard or two in front of you and your Pokémon: a super-sized Gourgeist! And boy-howdy, does he look pissed.

It yells something you cannot understand -- you don’t speak Pokémon language, after all -- and waddles his way towards you with eerie, weaving steps. The strange, hand-like tufts of ‘hair’ on his head are raised menacingly, and he clearly means nothing good for you, but the cause for his aggression becomes a bit more evident when a second Gourgeist -- this one smaller, and carrying a bunch of Pecha berries in her ‘arms’ -- appears o the edge of a nearby treeline. As the large male pushes you back, away from the Belue Berry bushes, she makes a break for it, rushing into the brambles towards where you had seen the nest -- could it be? The eggs are theirs! No wonder they aren’t happy to see you; they think you’re here for their children! The male continues to advance upon you, but stops when a high pitched screech from the bushes catches his attention -- it sounds like something is distressing his mate, and quite severely. For half a second he states you down, and then decides whatever has upset her takes precedence over you, and rushes into the bushes as well, where a terrible commotion has begun to ensue. You can hear her horrified shrieks, and his baritone bellows, and well as what sounds like the chitter of many tiny teeth. What Will you do?
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