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Chaos. At least, that's what it seems like to Kai, who is used to the utter serenity of an empty room. There's an Eevee crying on the floor, a Flareon and an Espeon introducing themselves, another Eevee making a ruckus in the pool -- which Kai can admittedly appreciate -- and one last Eevee cowering behind her trainer's legs.

"My name is Kai," she informs, with a bit of a grimace, looking around the room before narrowing her eyes at Momo. "And I am not going to carry you. You're here to give me children, not act like children."

Watching the Pokémon interact, Tate clasps both hands together, before descending straight into business. "So-... Kai has some inbreeding in her lineage," the Johto native informs, bluntly, watching the Eeveelutions. "I don't know the extent, it's not something that can be sussed out beyond a 'yes' or a 'no' with the phenotype testing we did, but with the displasia, you know-... it's hereditary. It's not something we'd likely have to worry about with the offspring, unless there's a history in any of your Pokémon's lineages; Eevee are, unfortunately, often subject to bad breeding practices, so we're willing to accept the risks-... if you know the genealogical history of your Pokémon, though, that'd be great information to have!"

Tate pauses, having not taken a breath during the rambling spiel, before continuing.

"We're willing to reimburse you for your time if need be. Kai has the, uh... mommy bug, so I'm just hoping she meets someone she hits it off with well enough to make for a sire, y'know? She damn near tore my arm off last time we went to the Hatchery!"

Tate laughs, nervously. Kai, wanting all her prospects front and center, pulls away from the group to approach the trainers and the errant Hanna. Sitting on her haunches, she asks, bluntly: "Are you coming? We're all waiting."

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