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Tate gathered up the papers and re-packed the backpack as the rest of the trainers trickled out; one by one, each of the Pokémon were returned to their balls, and the balls returned to their clips. Kai huffed when it was her turn, but acquiesced, knowing there was no way they'd make it home otherwise; when everything was packed and Tate was left standing alone in Gary's kitchen, the trainer made an awkward noise and looked around.

"So... thanks," Tate mouthed, awkwardly, before lifting Pahalo off of the chair and onto one arm. This has gone more smoothly than the bird keeper probably could have expected, though they were a hodge-podge group at bed. Giving Amph a little wave -- still smitten with the delightful creature -- Tate hurried out the door, feeling a bit uncomfortable to be the last one to leave. Mounting Pahalo -- to her immense chagrin -- the pair took flight, beginning their long journey back to the Mangroves which they called home.

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