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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
PikaGod: Finding yourself admiring the looks of your inadvertent assailant, you quickly shout after him, inquiring as to whether anything was wrong. Your two Pokemon plod after you, and as you draw closer to the young man ,you notice something you had missed during your previous brief encounter - his body was littered with bruises here and there, some discoloured and old but many looking quite nasty and fresh. Turning to meet your question, the man runs a hand through his hair, sand being dislodged in the process and shaking down onto his bare shoulders.

"Uh ... you're the chick I just knocked over, right? Sorry about that. Bit scattered right now. I was training with a friend and my Pokemon - I'm a martial artist, see - and we were sparring. It was a good session, great session. Only I seem to remember we were interrupted by a weird group ... and after that, my memory goes blank. I woke up, my head is all over the place. Honestly struggling to strong these words together if I'm honest."

It becomes awkwardly apparent that he was having difficulty with his speech as you observe him, his eyes squinting with some effort and his facial expressions clearly troubled. Even as he speaks, you can see that his body stance was a little off thanks to the injuries which littered his body - which, while most likely somewhat commonplace for a martial artist, still seemed to be a little too prevalent in their coverage on his body.

"Anyway, I'm just looking for my buddy. When I woke up I was only in my swimming trunks. Gi gone, Pokemon gone, friend gone. Not a clue where they could be."
Melody could have slapped herself, you know if she wanted to mark her flawless skin, for somehow ogling the guy without actually noticing his skin. It looked like he had been used as a beating bag by a group of men. Hot sweaty men all atop another man. Melody blinked hard, goddamn she needed to get laid. Forcefully pushing the thoughts of of her her mind, but making sure to bank them for later. That wasn't important now, what this poor man had to go through was what was important.

Realising that he was talking, Melody actually started listening to what he was saying. She realised that there was something... off with the way he was speaking. Honestly it sorta reminded Melody of a concussion, she had seen her fair share of them, lots of back up dancers meant that she had seen quite a few of head injuries. What had happened to this guy? He had woken up with nothing but his swim trunks, which suggested to Melody that he could have gotten into a pretty bad fight, either one that he knew he was getting into or perhaps he could have even been mugged.

Once the man finished talking, Melody placed a hand on his shoulder, intended to be reassuring. "So you were out training and then pretty much got mugged and had everything stolen?" With a look of concentration, Melody looked down at Speaker and then back up at the injured man. "Do you remember what pokemon you were training with? It could be a very long shot, but Speaker here might be able to pick up its cries if whoever took it is still in the area? We might be able to help find it."
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