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"Of course, Gary, come right through," trills Miss Lulu, guiding the eager trainer through to her section of the Hatchery. "I'm pleased to tell you that your egg has hatched into quite a striking little gentleman!"

The same colourful kiddie pool from another recent pick-up is on the nursery's floor. Did the attendant drain it and put it away, only to set it back up afresh for this new hatch? Who knows. Miss Lulu's smiling eyes don't give the answer away, even if Gary was thinking to look. "I'm sure he's looking forward to meeting for the first time as much as you are."

Burning with anticipation and curiosity, Gary doesn't hesitate to take a peek at whoever might be awaiting him here. He's surprised to see... nothing but clean, gently rippling water. He glances around the room to see if his new Pokémon might have climbed out of the pool while he was being welcomed in, but still there's nothing in sight, nor are there any damp spots where wet toes might have landed. Confused, Gary looks at Miss Lulu.

She smiles back at him for a moment, before her own brow furrows just slightly. Isn't this trainer happy to see the baby? The young lady turns her attention to the water's surface and starts to giggle.

"Come now," she says, kneeling and dipping her fingers into the pool, swishing the water gently. "We mustn't play tricks." As if by magic, a small brown and pink creature appears out of nowhere. Lulu shakes her head, still smiling broadly. "You rascal."

The Pokémon twirls slowly, letting himself drift with the water's movement, seemingly content to let his pale appendages relax for the time being. Miss Lulu holds out a fingertip and the kelp-like creature allows the girl to 'boop' the end of his snout. She's clearly gleeful about this, but quickly clears her throat and composes herself.

"As you can see, he's clearly mastered one move already. Please take good care of him!"

Gary has hatched a lv. 1 male Skrelp! Your Pokémon knows the Egg Move Acid Armour.
Gary followed Miss Lulu to a section of the Hatchery where a small kiddie pool was located. Barely able to contain his excitement, Gary’s eyes expectantly looked into the pool only to find a small ripple of water. A bit confused, his eyes then darted about the room only to find himself and Miss Lulu. Was he being pranked? If so, this was cruel and unusual, he thought. Sensing his confusion, Miss Lulu giggled and reached down to the pool. As if on cue, a small creature then materialized in the water, having used its Acid Armor to conceal itself. Gary’s heart nearly leapt out of his chest as he crouched down next to Miss Lulu to examine the small kelp-looking fish.

“Oh my gosh, he’s perfect!” Gary exclaimed, unable to hide his grin. During his studies in Humilau City, he had heard stories of Skrelp and Dragalge but never had the chance to see one up close before. He had longed to dive with them, and now he had the chance. Gary’s thoughts turned to his Kingdra, Devine. “Oh man, you’re going to love Devi,” he chuckled, reaching out slowly to pet the creature. “If Devine is a ‘Devi,’ then I think you’d make a good ‘Levi.’ What do you say, Leviathan?” Gary then thanked Miss Lulu countless times before holding out a Pokeball to carry Leviathan in.

Claiming my lv.1 male Skrelp with EM Acid Armor. Thanks!
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