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It had been just about a week since Gary had dropped off the egg he found to be incubated. He had been given instruction to wait seven days before his return, and throughout the course of the week he couldn’t help but let his mind drift to thoughts about what could be inside. Gary really had no clue where the egg had come from or why it was left on his doorstep, so this egg truly was an enigma. Gary was no stranger to hatching Pokemon eggs; many of his partners on his team had been hatched from eggs under his careful watch. However, this one felt different. It’d been a few years since the last time Gary hatched a Pokemon egg, so the anticipation was welling up in him like it once had many years before when Gary was a fledgling trainer. He grinned nervously as he approached the counter, having patiently waited his turn. “Hi there, I’m here to see what’s hatched from my egg please!”

Hatching my Enigma Egg, please and thanks!
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