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Sandaa - [Update Music] + [Atmosphere]

Wasting no time, the Golduck reacted immediately to your cry for help. Thanks to the pouring rain, his Swift Swim kicked into gear, managing to allot him just the speed boost needed to prompt his rapid response. The Carnivine lunged from the canopy above with its jaws gaping, just moments away from making you its next meal, and if it weren’t for the sudden blast of an Ice Beam to its side, it would have succeeded. Kratos’ beam of ice fired from the duck Pokemon like a gun, but what he didn’t immediately realize is that because of his need for a quick response, the attack didn’t land a perfect hit. What was important though, was that the attack had managed to knock the piranha plant Pokemon off of its trajectory, causing it to tumble forward onto the pathway and literally eat the dirt.

It took a moment for the Carnivine to collect itself, as it seemed completely caught off guard by the super-effective hit, probably having thought that its meal was a done deal. The Pokemon laid still for a moment before rolling onto its side and Ingraining its long tendrils into the muddy soil, recovering a bit of health from the Golduck’s ice attack. For the first time, it opened its eyes and looked at you and Kratos: it did not look happy. The Pokemon lifted its leafy arms into the air as it remained situated in place, absorbing nutrients from the earth. The mangroves surrounding you began to rock back and forth, shaking faster and harder by the moment, causing their leaves to break off from the branches and fall into the open air. They began to slowly spin around the Carnivine in a rhythmic motion with more leaves joining in with every passing moment. Finally, with a thrusting forward of its leafy arms, the creature whipped forth a powerful Leaf Tornado, sending the spiraling gust of wind and leaves directly across the trail and into your Golduck, the sharp edges of the leaves furiously cutting across the duck Pokemon’s skin with with a super-effective hit of its own. The Golduck lifted his arms and crossed them into an ‘X’ shape over his face to protect him from potentially severely harmful injury, but as the leaves within the attack were both numerous and blinding, Kratos’ accuracy was lowered - though with the Carnivine still absorbing nutrients with Ingrain, it seemed hard to think the Pokemon wouldn’t be able to easily land its mark…

The Carnivine healed a little more from the damage it had taken from the initial Ice Beam. Now it was furious that it was unable to eat its prey... and it doesn’t seem interested in letting you pass without putting up a fight.

Missingno. Master - [Update Music]

After finishing your honey tea, both you and Meowth parted ways with Melody with a set destination in mind: the southern edge of the swamp, located on the southside of the village. According to Melody, the Melitologist should be there studying one of the Combee’s colonies, and if all went well, you would try to find a way to help this village’s dire situation - even if it meant going against all odds to do so. That is what you do, after all - it wouldn’t be the first time, and it most certainly wouldn’t be the last. Simply put, there’s no harm in at least trying, right?

The swamp wasn’t too far to the south of the village. The walk was pleasant - a pair of Fletchling sang from the canopy above, the first time in quite a while you had heard any bird Pokemon singing their songs within the forest. Unfortunately though, the death of flowers was rapidly spreading and could be seen here as well - patches upon patches of flowers and bushes were completely wilted and decaying, the lack of proper pollination slowly but surely killing them off one by one - a blatant eyesore sticking out among the rest of the jubilant and life-filled forest.

You finally reached the shore of the swamp after about twenty minutes of walking and began circling around the edge, following course to the other side of the swamp to find the Bee Pokemon researcher. Your curiosity did not take long to be sated, however, but not in the way you had most likely hoped. A sudden shriek cracked across the quiet swamp, sending a group of previously hidden Woobat out from the shade they had been hiding within and bolting across the forest and into the treetops. It wasn’t hard to find the source of the sound, though. On the opposite side of the swamp from where you stood was a person clad in bee keeper gear, on their hands and knees, shaking fearfully and burying their head into their elbows for protection. Above them circled several Combee, each taking a turn dive bombing the individual and attempting to attack with a fierce Bug Bite. In the center, unmoving, hovered a single Combee. It did not attack, it did not move - it simply hovered in place and watched, almost as though it were in charge of the group. The voice suddenly yelped again, this time making it clear that it was that of a woman, as another Combee dove from the air and attacked her from behind once more with another Bug Bite. The woman crawled to a nearby tree and grabbed ahold of the bark to try and pull herself up. “Please, st-sto-” she was unable to finish the sentence. The Combee group all suddenly stopped moving and became still at once. The single Combee that had previously remained silent suddenly became visibly angry and started plunging into the woman over and over, ramming into her from the back, knocking her off balance, and pushing her to the ground, all while the other Combee took their turns to silently watch.
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