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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
TheKnightsFury: Having fed numerous Rare Candies to Jormungand, you turn your attention instead to casting your rod, ignoring the slight scowl evident on the face of Jackson, the fisherman trying to hide his dissatisfaction with the way you had seemingly ignored his warnings about raising a Magikarp too quickly. Still, the man quickly changes his expression, giving the fleeting impression that the scowl you had witnessed had been little more than a trick of the light. As you attempt your first cast, you find the well weighted rod easy to control, but while your distance was fairly impressive, it is evident that your positioning and stance are a little off, with the line having flown far from straight. Frowning a little, Jackson shakes his head a little, before adjusting the positioning of your arms and spacing your legs a little more evenly, a tricky feat given the awkward shape of Orion's shell.

"Try again with this stance, and try your timing releasing the reel with the apex of the arc. Makes for a much better path of flight."

It was evident in the way Jackson instructed you that he was used to teaching others, and you find your casting quickly improving as you correct small nuances with trial and error. Eventually, Jackson seems somewhat satisfied with your progress, nodding to himself while scratching at his beard.

"Not a bad learner, kid. You're making decent progress. I take it this fishing lesson is a preamble to trying to catch another critter of your own? Anything particular in mind, or any old Water type do ya?"

Jayson was aware that Jackson didn't approve of his boosting of Jormungand, but the Magikarp was his Pokemon and he would do with it as he wished. Magikarp weren't really useful for anything and Jormungand was eager to evolve, Jayson saw no harm in assisting him. He was even prepared to face the Gyarados's rage, it was something he would have to face, even if the fisherman advised against it.

Jackson's opinion and instruction was appreciated when it came to his casting skill. Jayson quickly went from rusty to an adequate level, at least in Jackson's eyes. The rod soon felt like an extension of his body, he had much better control over his aim, he was ready to fish.

"I really didn't come here with the intention of catching another Pokemon, I simply wanted to make Jormungand stronger so that he could evolve." Although Jayson hadn't come in search of more Pokemon, he wasn't against adding to his team. "However I sure wouldn't mind trying my luck and seeing what I could fish up. Have you got any species around here from foreign regions? Something a little more diverse? Jormungand might even be able to have a crack at battling whatever I fish up." The prospect of fishing up a new Pokemon was indeed exciting. Jormungand would have another opportunity to prove himself and the tides of battle would surely help forge a relationship between them. A strong bond would make overcoming the Magikarp's post evolution rage much easier to quell.

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