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The rumours were everywhere. So everywhere that even someone like Sweeney had managed to have an ear to the grapevine. There was to be a major heist - Jirachi's Casino had gone rogue, and trainers weren't happy. They intended to take what they felt they were deserved, and maybe even then some. While Sweeney wasn't exactly aligned with criminal behaviour - the bartender had been on the receiving end of his fair share, his injuries would vouch for it - he was certainly someone who preferred to do what he pleased. Since setting out on his journey, that had been as close to a motto as he possessed, and his own Pokemon were egging him on to join in the raid. Marco and Cain especially seemed to be incredibly pumped up for the heist - which immediately ruled them out in Sweeney's mind as potential partners. Well, that was harsh. They were already ruled out. It was better to have more concrete justification for those two though, their antics could very easily get out of hand if they felt spurned in any way. Always best to have a good sounding reason. The one thing holding Sweeney back from throwing himself directly into the undertaking - and what would justify his caution - was the simple, curious fact. Surely, if even he had gotten wind of this planned undertaking, the owners - whoever they may now be - of Jirachi's Casino had to. There would undoubtedly be countermeasures of every description. Sweeney's wounds flared up with pain at this thought. He had enough injuries to last him numerous lifetimes, never mind this single one he owned. Best to avoid any more. For that, he would need caution, planning, and preferably associates stupid enough to do what he wouldn't. The former two he could arrange on his own - he had a particular partner in mind for that - but the latter would need simple luck and fortune.

Standing some distance from the Casino, Sweeney couldn't help but feel a distinct sense of discontent on viewing the grandiose establishment. He had seen poverty in his life, and this immense construction seemed to be a statement of rejection against that lifestyle; a glowing, fundamental backlash against those with little to spare. It didn't make him feel sick - that would be too strong a reaction, he felt - but it certainly evoked a certain sense of distaste within him. Still, he - and many others, he could see - were here to put a bit of a fix to that point. Standing beside him, Lancelot dozily lulls, the Slowking choosing to rest the body so that the mind could work. Already the pink biped was considering a plan of approach, relaying the thoughts through to Sweeney, but the one thing that they needed more than anything right now was information. That was only going to be gained in one way - simple, old fashioned work. Approaching the Casino itself, Sweeney soon noticed the guards who were giving everyone entering a once over - a rather dangerous looking pair by any sort of metric. Knowing full well that he didn't exactly present the most conspicuous figure in his choice of dress, Sweeney nodded in the opposite direction to Lancelot, the Slowking happily plodding along. For now, Sweeney would remain outside, deciding to take a slow walk along the length of the Casino's perimeter, at least wanting a simple mental image of the surroundings before looking into anything on a more detailed scale.
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