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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Meetan: On making your decision, Lauren grins widely, the young girl clearly having wanted to press deeper along the coast like you suggested shortly after. With a short nod, she waves you over, before clambering up onto the first rock.

"Here, hold my hand. This route is pretty easy going, but better safe than never, eh?"

With that, the young girl takes your hand into your own, giving a reassuring squeeze before heading along the rocks. Lorrin tagged shortly behind, the Grass type hopping from rock to rock, his low center of gravity surprisingly adept at navigating the rather slippery surface of the rocks without tumbling into the surrounding rock pools. Still, that didn't prevent the Lotad "accidentally" slipping here and there to fall into the waters and have a short paddle before clambering up back after you both. This seems to give Lauren a good chuckle, the girl almost taking a tumble herself because of it, but she quickly rights herself and points into the distance.

"There we go, just beyond these rocks here you can see that cove, right? That's where we'll be heading. Pretty much no tourists head this deep like I said, so it should be pretty abandoned. "

As soon as she finishes her speech though, you hear a rather discomforting noise. It was clearly Pokemon in nature, but it was the distressed tinge to the notes that gave you room to pause. Looking around, you couldn't see anything in the immediate vicinity, and it is clear that Lauren has heard the call for help too. Turning to you, she frowns, straining to listen for the call once more.

"Did ... did you hear that?"
"Thanks!" Alice grinned back. It was silly, perhaps, to be guided by hand by a younger girl but even with all of her adventures, she still wasn't the strongest or most practical of this world's inhabitants. When Lauren nearly falls, she takes Alice with her, and the older lady swears in fright. There was temptation to relinquish her hand from the other, but when Lauren seemed to be concentrating more, Alice left it be. She was clearly more hesitant with her own footing,though, especially given that Alice shot glances back after her ambling Lotad, just incase he got left behind or stuck.

"I see what you're doing there, little man, don't think I don't." She teased, and Lorin chuckled timidly. He knew he wasn't truly in trouble, though, and Lauren seemed to find him just as entertaining, so why stop? His trainer was about to speak up when the noise echoed from within the cove, and Lorin stopped half-out of a pool of water, taken aback.

"... Yep. I think we all heard it." Alice confirmed, Lorin taking a few beats longer to scramble from his pool. "It doesn't sound angry, though. It sounds hurt. Maybe we should go in there." She suggested, and Alice took the lead, picking up her Pokemon and starting down towards the cove.
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